Monday, 13 April 2009

Killer Kake

(pic by Hyperorbit)

50g unsalted butter
150g marshmallows
250g good dark chocolate (at least 75% cocoa solids)
4 tablespoon boiling water

Put all of the above in a pan and melt together.
Leave to cool.

Beat 284mls of whipping cream with one teaspoon of vanilla extract until it forms peaks.

Fold into the cooled chocolate mixture
Spoon into a 9inch parchment-lined baking tin.
Put into fridge until tomorrow.
Be warned, this cake is veh veh heavy!
Serve with vanilla cream.

Alternatively spoon the mixture into individual ramekins, chill for 30mins and serve as chocolate mousse. (this is Nigella's method).
The above version was created by mistake.(I put it into fridge and forgot about it).

Either way, it will eventually kill you!


  1. Map,

    Death by chocolate is a fine way to go.U

  2. OMG! I will have to make this for the family BBQ on Sunday... sounds totally decadent. Thanks, Map!

  3. Ahhh Nigella, what I wouldn't give to nibble on her once in a while.

  4. U; mmmmmmmmmmm...


    Jimmy; down boy! (Nigella IS 'all there' as me mam would put it)mmmmmmmmmmmmm....

  5. delish!i might have to try this...


  6. This sounds divine Map, but I fear my sweet tooth is decaying with age. At this rate, I'l be all gums by the time I'm 60.

  7. Sav; delish is the word. I must admit to getting the chocolate sweats after eating too much tho'.

    Madame DF; give it a go. Just make sure to give M.DF a list of the ingredients when you send him to the market.