Thursday, 23 April 2009

Something For The Weekend

And YES, I can be this manic on stage!

Ah the H'eightie's. Hair, Hooche and happiness.

At least we still got the happies!

(And I KNOW I've got some hair in a bag someplace).

Just found some hooche at the back of the airing cupboard!
Good Times!!


  1. Map,

    Now that's what I call rocking! Those guitar licks come in steady and strong.

    I need to plan a trip (next year) across the water ...try and catch up with you and my other brother Jimmy .... hear some good tunes....and drink a few drinks

    I promise I'll behave so the Mrs won't think you're being corrupted.Hell Yeah!


  2. This brings back memories of my misspent youth. Oh lord, I feel old.

  3. U; Now that could turn into one goood session! (I'm WAY past being corrupted). Hell Yeah Indeed!
    madame DF; isn't youth supposed to be misspent? Kids today, too much sense!

  4. I agree with Madame DeFarge's comment...the misspent youth thing...
    Brings back memories of my first true love, back in college. He's a musician now, and very bald.
    But he sure can play that jazz piano.

  5. Nothing wrong with bald. Or being manic onstage.

    Hopefully your wardrobe is a little classier than what *they* are wearing! Although a man in tights *can* be interesting... ;-)

  6. Pon; the Map has worn many a dressie-uppie on stage but i DO have to draw the line at tights! These days we are mostly wearing the classic black suits, hides a multidude.(I'm talkin' about the rest of the band of course! I can wear anything with my perfectly toned physique).