Thursday, 2 April 2009

The book of love.

Went to the pubs tonight with my guitar player and his Dad and his nephew (our roadie). I love his Dad, he is a saxophonist from the showband era, and always has great stories to tell. I should probably stay sober and try to remember some of them, but it's hard when you're havin' fun!

So, lots of the black stuff was consumed, and a few Jack D's by the youngfella, (they just can't stick to the pints, can they?). Anyway, we got to talking 'bout gigs, and shit that happened, and stuff that clients ask you to sing, requests and such. And it happens I got an e-mail today with a request for me to sing a song with a string quartet no less. A song the Map had not before heard. But, I listened, and I did on first hearing, like said song.

So the Map will soon do his first piece with a classical ensemble.
I might even record it for posterity. Or Youtube even!

This is the song.


  1. You better record it and post it on youtube or I will have to come over there and whup your ass! (I don't say 'arse'... that's a foreign language... In Canada, it is ass, the US has butt and you UKers have arse.)

    Map, that is such a cool song! I have never heard it before either, but it would be very wonderful if you video recorded the performance and posted it. Really! Please?

  2. Map,

    I love the strings in this song! Gabriel rocks it like a cradle.

    I'd love to hear you put your stamp on it bro. If you make a gots ta let me hear it.

    I'm just asking but Ponita sounds serious bro and I'd hate to find out that she went over there and gave you a ass whupping ...over a song...better just make the clip bro...and post the URL.

    I don't know what they call it in Canada or the UK...but in Chicago during the Capone was known as we calls it persuasion.


  3. The seeing off of the porter with a few snifters is a tradition amongst the auld.

    These days I'd have thought the young fellas would be on the 'fruity-pop' alky-hole shite, and the cheapo cans from the Aldi.

  4. I confess to not liking Peter Gabriel overly much, so this doesn't really do it for me. But I'm sure you'll be great.

  5. well done, sugar! i'll add my voice to the record y'all's version! just gave y'all a shout out at my place for this! xoxo

    @the U...we were talkin about the chicago way last night, sugar...he brings a knife, you bring a gun... ;)

  6. My buddy Wrinkly Joe did a gig once where he played a Loudon Wainwright song, Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road.

    After the gig, a drunken patron came up to him:

    Jeez man, I loved that one about the dead cunt in the middle of the road.

  7. Pon; the gig is not 'til the end of June, so ye'll have to wait a bit.
    As to the ass whuppin', here in IRELAND, we prefer to give someone 'a good kick in the hole'!

    The U; I love strings, so I jumped at the chance to sing with a quartet. I got to see my eldest daughter sing with an orchestra recently, made the hairs stand on the back of the neck!

    Jimmy; this particular 18yr old is a big lad, 16 stone, and wouldn't be seen dead with a fruit flavoured drink.

    Madame DF; was never a big Gabriel fan meself, but I do like what he's done with this. I think the original is by a band called Magnetic Fields.

    Sav; you are a Lady. Thanks for the shout.

    Bock; welcome to Mapland. That 'drunken patron' could quite possibly have been me!
    (Also thanks for the shout).

  8. Loving the lyrics, Mr Maps!!!

  9. Thank you mapstew, I'd never heard that version before. Used to listen to Peter Gabriel a lot, but lost touch with his music over the years.

    By the way, the song was written by Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields (and a few other bands). He's an amazing songwriter. I think they performed it in Dublin when they toured "69 Love Songs" some years ago. Their version of The Book of Love is here.

  10. K , I’m back here again. My bleeding heart calls me back to your book of love. I saw a Richard Gere film a couple of weeks back, middle-age man pretends to lose it with a younger women and this is the song played when he came to his senses. The song makes me cry. It just does.