Sunday, 29 March 2009


'Tis home from the local I am as is my wont on a Sunday.
She drinks but a sup from the beer cup, whereas the Map does wallow in the blackstuff on the Monday eve.
And Monday morn 'tis but my lie-in day, and Her to tally early.
And so to bed she for early night, while he the Map do tarry.
And onto the lappy he do go, for to engage in folly.
And to reply to all, that do, like him, bloggy!

For you all, this is the first song in my memory. My mam must have been singing this while I was being born!

For any who have the patience, I've just found the version the Mam used to sing, please , if you have the time , it is beautiful.


  1. Mr. Garfunkel has a fabulous voice. I loved Simon & Garfunkel so many years ago...

    I can't sing to typical female sung songs as they are too high, so tend to gravitate towards these types... tenors? I am not sure, but I love to sing, even though I know my voice is mediocre.

    Music moves my soul, can make me laugh or cry and gives me goosebumps (especially pipes and drums). My mum was a music teacher in an elementary school so music was a large part of my upbringing...

  2. Pon, my Mam's uncle taught me to play the penny whistle when I was about four years old. Music has been a major part of my life. I was a bagpipe player from the age of 12, so I get your pipes n' drums thing. (Eh, Jimmy).
    My earliest memory is of Mam singing this song, and at family parties I insist She sings it just for me, And She does!

  3. Pon, keep singing, everybody's voice is beautiful!

  4. Thanks, Map! I love to sing and do often... to the radio in my truck, to my iPod when out walking, and even in the shops to their overhead music. I am sure if I had children, they would be mortified that I sang everywhere I went.

    I don't know why pipes and drums thrill me so... I am Icelandic and Mennonite, and neither have anything similar that I am aware of. In fact, the Mennonites are boringly hymnal. But the hairs stand up on my neck and I get goosebumps when the drums start up and the pipes begin to whine.

    So lovely that your mum still sings to you. My mum played guitar and sang at home often, but she's been gone 6 years now. I have to make my own music... and I do. Couldn't live without it.

  5. Pon, you either GET pipes n' drums or ya don't! It's in your soul. Ya must be celtic somewhere lass!

  6. ps.I mortify my children every chance I get, it makes them grow!!

  7. Here in Canada, we have annual events called military tattoos. I have no idea if they occur anywhere else.

    The Pipes and Drums bands from the Cdn Armed Forces get together and perform, usually in a hockey arena or large venue, with displays of military equipment and tactics thrown in.

    It is absolutely stupendous to hear 200 pipers and drummers playing together in a large building!!! O.M.G....

    Perhaps my Viking ancestors got it on with the Celts somewhere along the line... because yes! I do get them!

  8. Pon, the Map has been a part of many a tattoo in Ireland and Jimmy land. I have been a participant in a congregation of more than 5000 pipers and drummers all playing the same tune together! Talk about hair on back of neck, goosebumps etc!!

  9. Oh my! I would so love to witness that! That would send shivers of excitement up my spine, I am sure!!! That would be way soooo cool....

  10. You should make this into a meme, Mr Maps... I've just remembered what my Mum sang to me and it's also worthy of a post!!!

  11. I did know that I knew it til I heard it.
    My Mum was a Scot and loved to sing
    I grew up in Australia with all things Scottish
    Ah the pipes---the pipes are calling
    Hopefully I'll be there next year

  12. my favorite sounds are the pipes and drums, sugar! i have cds...sigh xoxo a grand sound for sure!

  13. Good day Mappy,
    I can not sing at all.
    When I sing with my BF little grandson, he shouts at me to stop.

  14. Do I sense a bit of an oul thing going on here between the Map man and the Pony girl?

    Tsk.. and tsk again.

    Nice word-foolery by the way.

  15. I remember my mum singing 'You are my sunshine' when she washed my hair in the sink in our tenement in Maryhill. I can't hear that song without thinking of her.

    And yes, it is a beautiful song

  16. Madame.. I have the same memory from my own mammy.

  17. Scarlet, welcome to Mapland.

    Clyde, Scotland is wonderful, don't forget to take the short trip across the pond to Ireland when you visit.

    Sav, stirring indeed.

    Auntie, have you got that guitar out yet?

    Jimmy, jealously is a terrible thing! tsk indeed!

    Madame DF, another wonderful song, which is also in me mammy's repotoire.

  18. Hi Mapstew,

    Like most of the comments here, I've listened to music as far back as I can remember sounds. My Grandmother would sing songs she and others sang in the cotton fields; songs they called spirituals. I remember Dr. Watts because I never unstood many of the lyrics.

    I cut my teeth on many artists from Chess Records in Chicago. I grew up listening to Howling Wolf, Little Walter and the great Muddy Waters. I love to sing. I have relatives that are musicians; so there's always singing when family gatherings happen. I bought an alto sax but I really don't have time to learn how to play it.

    I've never heard this song Barbara Allen. As I listen I think about Ireland for some reason. Is it an Irish folk song? I like it even if it isn't.

    Thanks for stopping by,


  19. Map, I think Jimmy is a tad jealous!

    How sweet... :-)

  20. underOvr, welcome to Mapland. From what I can gather, the song 'Barbara Allen' is an old folk song of Scottish or English origin. Possibly from as far back as the 16th century.
    I'm sure some will say it is Irish or even American. As for the Alto, you can start off with just a few minutes a day and before you know it.....

    Pon... ;-)

  21. I have no intention of travelling that far without a visit to Ireland and one to my paternal side in Denmark