Sunday, 15 March 2009

Fuck you Cancer!

My favourite sister in law was 40 today and the baby bro (her husband) threw a party.

As he should. As he should.

The lovely and delightful lady was diagnosed with cancer three years ago.

And as you can imagine, we all were not happy, to say the least.

'Cos we kinda love her a lot.

But she was ,thankfully, one of the lucky ones. A survivor.

So we went on the tear (pronounced 'tare' here)('on the pish') to celebrate.

We all had a bit too much. (to drink) Fuck it. We were all together. Alive. Having fun.

A pain in the head is expected tomorrow. And so fuckin' wha?

To you Val. Cheers my darling!


  1. Poignant and pleasing to the eye my friend. Another of life's winners overcoming the odds.

    Cherish your bad heid, and remember well its origin.

  2. Enjoy and be glad.And take several paracetamol.

  3. Madame DF, all one needed was a hair of the proverbial. 'Tis st.paddy's after all.

    The parawotsits will be deployed tomorrow. For sure!

  4. Good morning,
    So you all went out on a tear (did I pronounce that properly?) the day BEFORE St. Patrick's day?
    Party on.
    And on!
    Your sis-in-law deserves it. :)
    Thanks for visiting Auntie in NY.

  5. i missed this, but i am truly glad y'all have each other to share the joy, as well as the pain. y'all are good people, sugar! here's to you and yours!

    (which is my way of saying thank you for your kind words.)