Tuesday, 10 March 2009


image; mel brackstone

Had a weird dream last night.

I went to the Moon. With three other astronauts.

It wasn't the Moon we all know and love tho'.

It was green and luscious and verdant with lakes and rivers and rolling hills.

And we were having a great oul time exploring and whatnot.

And then we saw vehicles coming at us and were quickly surrounded.

They were humans. They told us to take off our helmets.

The air was the freshest I ever tasted, almost intoxicating.

The four of us were separated from each other and I was taken to a town by a pleasant man, who was a bit too 'touchy-feely' for my liking.

It looked like any small town one might see on earth. I was shown around various buildings, including a creche that was full of little kids of many races.

Then I was taken to meet the Boss.

He was Splenda sweet, with a Colgate ring of confidence, wrapped up in a Daz-White suit.

"This is your home now", he said. "You can never go back".

Maybe it wasn't the Moon?

I'd have preferred Lanzarote tho'!

Must stay away from the Emmental at bed time.


  1. swiss cheese, eh? i am laughing out loud here, sugar! thanks for that! xoxxo

  2. Sweet Chees-us Map, I've had that fecking dream mysel! It always ends just as I'm taking arf ma troosers in the blonde girls bedroom.

    You're reet though, Lanzarote would have been better.

  3. Hey Sav, I live to make others happy!

  4. Jimmy, I find it easier and less awkward to do the trouser removing in the en-suite in dreams.

  5. Map - sounds like living in Milton Keynes or East Kilbride. Go easy on the pre bedtime snacks. Goodness knows what would happen if you drank absinthe.

  6. Madame DF, haven't had absinthe(or what passes for same) since my yoof! Strictly blackstuff these days.