Saturday, 28 March 2009


Sometimes I just sits and thinks.

And sometimes I just sits.


  1. Sometimes I thinks when I should sits....

    I love elephants! Great photo, Map.

  2. Holy faither.. it has the same thick skin as the mammy-in-law!

    ...also better table manners.

  3. Pon, it's taken me a long time to realise that sometimes the best thing to do in certain situations is just sit! It IS hard to switch the noodle off though.

    Jimmy, thick skin can be a great asset.

  4. The hamster in my head spends way too much time spinning in her wheel... especially late at night.

    Sometimes I just want to strangle the little thing.... or let her loose outside to fend for herself.

  5. The joy of sitting and not thinking is undeniable. I sit and think all day at work. Coming home and just sitting is wonderful, even if I don't bathe in muddy water.

  6. i might add...

    and sometimes i just sit and drink!

    xoxo ;)

  7. Hullo Mappy,
    Yes, I agree with savannah...sometimes I just sit and drink.

    Great photo.
    Love elephants.
    I actually rode one in India.
    When they walk, their steps feel soft as marshmallows. What a surprise.

  8. Pon, hampsters spend way too much time in wheels, they should get out more.

    Madame DF, sitting is wonderful, but it takes a long time to master.

    Savvy, I find that the Map can actually drink more whilst standing. And dancing. But sitting and drinking is an art.

    Auntie, elephants are sooo cool. As are marshmallows.