Wednesday, 11 March 2009


I've been tagged by Jimmy. The Bastard.

I have to do stuff and stuff. With rules if you don't mind!


1. Put a link to the TAGGART on me blog. See above.

2.Write the rules. I is doin' innit?

3.Mention 6 things or habits of no real importance about myself. See below.

4.Tag 6 more misfortunes and link to their sites. (Cannot do, don't know enough peeps yet, sad.)


Six Map Things;

1. I am very, and I mean Very, colour blind.

2.The smell of popcorn makes me want to heave. So, no cinema.

3.I was once mistaken for Ian Rush in a train station in Milan in the 80's. Gave autographs and everything. That was before the rhinoplasty.

4.I am a nephew of Do-Do, the famous dog-lady of Limerick. And proud to be so.

5.My Dad's middle name was Mary.

6.I had a labrador who once ate a collection of artist oils. We had multicoloured dog shit in the back yard for weeks. Very pschyadelic man.

There ya go Jimmy lad.


  1. well done, sugar! now i have to google ian rush! ;) xox

  2. Ian Rush? Then you, sir, must have had a fine moustache am I right?

  3. Emerson, it was magnificant! Depending on the angle of view, or time of day, I could be Rushie or Magnum P.I.! I do have the Rush nose 'tho!

  4. The combination of colour blindness and the multi-coloured dog poop must have been fascinating to behold.

  5. Well done pal, now away with yourself and get a pint!

  6. I once had a lab cross eaten $100 in 20 dollar bills that was folded neatly. It can out intact a couple of days later, with only one bill torn in two and a few tooth holes in some of the others. All were rather bleached, however, from the stomach acid. I washed and dried the bills and then took them to the bank for exchange. I did tell them my dog chewed them, but not that they travelled the length of his gut and had been pooped out.

    Yours sounds much more artistic than mine.

    Magnum PI... yum!

  7. Hullo,
    Auntie is back lurking around.
    Sorry about the popcorn aversion.
    That's just more popcorn for me.
    Cool meme.