Thursday, 26 March 2009


Not up to much today. Head funny. (peculiar, not ha-ha.)
Jimmy got me reminiscing with his old photie, so heres one of mine.
Bobby, Noelie & Map. Circa 1965. Back yard, Island Field.


  1. You had a touch more hair back then... ;-)

    Too bad you couldn't have come help me shovel snow, if you weren't doing much today.

  2. Pon: Ah hair....

    As to the snow, I'm only qualified to shovel shit!

  3. What a travesty. That poor wee boy, so innocent in the ways of the world.

    Who would have thought that he would have grown into a singing superstar with a penchant for the porter and more.

    Maybe that bit-of-an-auld-tick-heid has come from a late neet on the whisky perhaps?

    Away with all the greeting now man, there's songs to be sung!

  4. Well you're a handsome chap and no mistake. Love those little dimpled knees

  5. Good evening Mappy,
    There's nothing better than looking at old photos.
    Who took the photo?
    I wonder what made you three smile and laugh...
    Thanks for the share.

  6. Jimmy, poor indeed, wee oh aye, innocent still. The ways of the world are beyond my cprehension lad. The penchant for the porter comes from me mammy, as does the singing.

    Madam DF, the knees are still of the dimpled variety.

    Dada took the fotie, we were smiling 'cos we didn't know we were poor. Also I think we were sitting on an Adams fireplace which Dada had removed from Granda's house and which stood in our backyard for years.

  7. Jimmy, COMPREHENSION even.

    Last comment for Auntie.

    Sorry peeps,.but Map has been to the pub.

  8. P.S. notice the M S (map stew) carved into the wall over me left shoulder?

  9. Good evening Mappy,
    Going to the pub?
    Have a pint for me, too.