Thursday, 19 March 2009

"I'm a Big Girl now"

Most mornings I walk the Youngest Daughter (She's "almost" eleven) to school.

It usually takes adout 10 to 15 mins, depending on weather, mood, topic of conversation.

Some days we can chat non-stop the whole way from door to door.

Other times we do the trip with just a few smiles in each other's direction.

I usally pick Her up after school too, or Her Mom will do on the way home from work.

After much discussion over the past few days, we all decided that it was time She could start making the journey home on her own. (With her friends, Without us).

Big day for the Youngest!

Big day for the Mammy and Map!!

Heart in mouth 'til 3.20pm!
Home safe and sound, and very pleased with Herself!
Another rung climbed on the ladder that is Independance.


  1. My girls are both grown and no longer need their daddy to hold their haunds of a morn.

    To me they will always be 6 years old and need all the love and protection a faither can give.

    Breathe hard and deep my friend.. it all goes doon hill rapidly from here on in with the bairns.

  2. Tell me 'bout it, My other two girls are teenagers! Love 'em all.

  3. It's only a short step to boyfriends, leaving home and marriage now. And only coming to appreciate your dad when you're in your 30s and realise how fab he is.

  4. Boyfriends is it? Hah! My daughters at one point both came to me with the wife and complained that no boy would even think of going near them.

    It was suggested that I (read past life) might be slightly intimidatiing to the male species.

    The plan worked well... they both now have two very decent law abiding men of respect.

    And me.. well I don't have sleepness nights.

  5. That was sweet.
    I don't have kids, but my boyfriend has a young grandson.
    I adore him. Just thinking about him walking to school alone one day makes me sad.

  6. Madame DF, boyfriends (or girlfriends), will have to pass Daddy to get the application forms from Mammy!

    Jimmy, something similar here. With the shaved head and tattoos the Map can, I've been told, look quite intimidating too. I have been called "The Mad One". Hope it works.

    Auntie, welcome to Mapland.