Thursday, 26 March 2009

Big Sis.

My big sister is like my other mother.
She always seemed to be there when Mam wasn't.
Herself and Mam were pregnant at the same time on three occassions!
So I have cousins who are the same age as some of my siblings.
And I have nieces and nephews who are older than my younger brother and sister.
Imagine having an auntie or uncle who is younger than you!
I love all my brothers and sisters, there are eight of us in all.
But big sis is my definite favourite. For sure.
Today we (she) got bad news. That fucker cancer is after our clan again!
This time it has it's claws around Big Sis. And it's grip is tight!

He doesn't wanna let go. It's like Dada all over again.
It Does not look good at all. He doesn't want to let go. BASTARD!

Mam thinks that Sis is just very poorly, we can't tell her.

Maybe we're all wrong.

I'd pray if i thought there was a god.

He hasn't answered any of my prayers yet. BASTARD!


  1. Oh no... Map, I am so sorry to hear this. I will try to send strong waves of healing her way... I don't think there is a god either so praying is out of the question from me. But I am a healer in a way, being a nurse, so will do what I can with the power of my mind.

    I come from a large family too (six of us) and lost my oldest sister in a motor vehicle accident 3 1/2 years ago... she was the age I am now... 51.

    I hope your sister rallies... that they can help her battle this. My heart goes out to you. ((hugs))

  2. Keep doing what it is that you do best my friend.. be strong.

    I'm thinking of you, reet?

  3. Map - sorry to hear this. You take care of her, as I'm sure that you will. You're one of the good guys in this world. Wish I had a brother like you.

  4. Thank you all guys. It's a new day and the Map is back in positive form! Thanks again.

  5. Stew
    I'm not a prayer---I've never aked for much except when my brother had cancer
    So I figure he/she/it might just owe me one.
    So it is for your Sis
    May she have the comfort of her family in an hour of need.
    May any God who may listen here grant her health and a long life.
    May our tears be heard if there is a heaven.

  6. Clyde, welcome. And many thanks for your kind thoughts. You are all a great comfort to me.

  7. Good evening Maps,
    I hate cancer.
    Everyone hates cancer.
    It strikes fear in our hearts.
    I hope she gets aggressive & correct treatment.
    Be there for your Mother.

  8. Sometimes the words just won't come. If they do they are completely inadequate to convey the message.

    You're on my mind. Both of you. x

  9. Positivity can work miracles, not God miracles but there are just miracles that happen every day in every way.

    Hire out the Blue Butterfly, based on true story of boy with brain tumour. Do it!!

  10. Auntie & Hangar Queen, thank you both for your love and positive vibes.

    Jules; I do believe good things can happen. I will get this movie, thank you. xoxox