Friday, 13 March 2009

Thomond Park

Did our first gig at Thomond Park tonight.

Twas a good one.

Elton is coming soon, and Rod.

But we were there before them.

THEY will be playing the stadium tho'.

We were playing in Hospitality.

But it was still Thomond Park.

And thats a big thing for a local lad.

And fun was had by all.


  1. I hope you raised the pint at the arranged time... If I'm gonnae look an eejit, I dinnae wannae do it all alane reet?

    Glad it was a good night pal.

  2. Thanks our Jim. We all look like eejits to somebody.

  3. How cool is that! A big thing, indeed!

  4. This is very strange.... I posted my comment at 10:21 p.m. Winnipeg time and it comes out as 8:21 p.m. your time.

    I am quite certain Ireland is not two hours behind us on the clock. Are you in a time-space continuum, perhaps?

  5. Twas cool ok Pon. We goin' to Ennistymon tomorrow night. Tis a wee town in the west of Ireland. To play for the wedding of a fellow musician. There will be a least 4 other bands at the do, so will probably spend most of the night propping up the bar. And STILL get payed. I love my job!

  6. Ponita, tis almost St. Patrick's day, and them feckin leprechauns do be gettin' up to mischief with the time and space and that new-fangled continuum! You wouldn't know where or when you are with the little fecks!
    (I haven't figured out the clock on blogger yet!)

  7. Holy Moly, if only that awfy wee bastart Bono was as cool as the Map-Man himself!

    I'll be holding up my lighter tomorrow neet, in your honour sir. I'll be the big bastart at the back with the burnt thumb and the swallied wee grin on mah coupon.

  8. There will be forever a backstage pass for the Jimmy at our gigs.

  9. My youngest daughter reet? She wans tae know why you dinnae record a session and post it on Youtube.

    Good point actually.

  10. I might just do that Jimmy. Don't know if I could handle the fame tho'. And what to wear to meet the Pope?

  11. I'm impressed without really knowing why (abject ignorance), but I'm sure that you were fab.