Thursday, 14 May 2009

Von Maps

Everybody in the house is gigging this weekend.
Except Herself!
She has to make do with being Mammy-Cab.
Map has a couple of wedding parties to entertain.
Eldest teenager is performing with her choir and a brass band for a local concert.
Middle child and Youngest are both performing in their stage-school's annual show.
Middle child has her first big solo singing part and the nerves are starting to show.
The Youngest just takes it all in her stride.
As does Mammy!
Most of the shows are in the concert hall, which is about 10km from home.
And what with the actual shows AND rehearsals poor ol' Mammy-Cab is clockin' up the kilometers!
But she wouldn't have it any other way.
In a world full of shit, we are very lucky to have such good, happy kids.

Now, everybody, after me,



  1. I love that movie! And I know all the songs! I can't count the number of times I have seen it.

    How fab that your family is so musical! Your house must just hum all the time.

    Hugs xoxo

  2. As an only child I just couldn't get into Sound of Music. But now that I have my girls... well none of them are musical, but they are charming and I often get the urge to break out in song. Does that make me sound too corny. God love us both!

  3. my vw van had a sticker on the dashboard that said "Mom's Taxi" whit 4 kids, it was that and more! but, i swear, sugar, i wouldn't trade those times for anything! (and sometimes, i wish they were still here!) ;) xoxox

  4. Pon; you know, I don't think that I've ever actually seen that film from start to end!
    The house sure can hum tho'! As my Dad used to say, " we ain't rich, but we happy".

    Bev; one should never fight an urge such as this! Sing. Sing a Song.....(God love us indeed!)

    Sav; yeah, it CAN get quiet when they're not around!
    Have you still got the VW? xoxox

  5. We're a bit musical over here as well, and The Boy (Dylan) is gigging as well, entertaining the drunk and not-so-drunk in Wisconsin this weekend. I no longer play professionally, although I do miss it!

  6. In this day and age of bad news on every page [or every t.v. screen] how NICE it is to see a family having fun...and together at that! Hey, car time counts.

    You know, I'm amazed more cab drivers aren't women...they sure know how to get from Point A to Point B with time to spare. ;)

  7. Pearl; I love entertaining the drunk! I love entertaining WHEN drunk! Only water tonight tho', my turn to drive the band wagon. Rock on Dylan. Did you have a band yersel?

    Hope; yeah,it's great that we have something we all enjoy and can talk about. And yeah,we do have a laugh while travelling too.

  8. In a world full of shit, yes.
    Have a happy weekend, Mappy.

  9. *sigh* i wish we still had it, but alas, she is no more. i am so ready for another one, too! xoxo

  10. Auntie; and a happy weekend to you and yours.

    Sav; VW's rock. xoxox. Have a good weekend.

  11. You've gotta watch that movie from start to finish, Map!

    It's a feel good thing, and all the tunes are catchy, even if it is old. It's still a classic in my books. I love Julie Andrews! And Christopher Plummer, who plays Capt. Von Trapp, is Canadian!

  12. Pon; it's going on the 'gotta watch' list.
    I recently 'made' everyone sit together and watch 'The Goonies'. After the initial "aw dad, that's an old movie", they quickly got into it. This was followed a couple of weeks later by 'Throw Mamma From The Train'. Another goodie in my book.

    (p.s. the Youngest likes to call your country Canadia!).

  13. How lovely!

    We have music at our house too; it makes us happy to saw and pluck away at our instruments, together.

  14. Canadia... has a rather pleasant ring to it, doesn't it?! How cute! :-)

  15. Leah; Hedgie sounds like a great kid, happy musical days to y'all!

    Pon; Canaydeeya eh? land of make believe? yeah, it is cute!

  16. I've only got the one (child, that is), but he more than makes up for the lack of children with his talent! The boy plays the piano (doing Grade 5 exams this summer), has taught himself to play drums, thanks to Guitar Hero World Tour, and could play a guitar again if he put his mind to it. Husband is equally musical - and lil' old me? I'm quite good at the tambourine! :D

  17. Helga; ain't nothin' wrong with tambourine bangin'!