Wednesday, 6 May 2009

(I'm) Spinnin' . A round?

My head is addled, befuddled, bewildered.
Not to mention shaken, thrown and woozy!
Punchy, rattled and shook.

Could be sunny tomorrow.


It IS tomorrow.


  1. Aye, so was mine... and then I stopped drinking the Guinness Export of a neet.

    My forecast for this weekend is that my throat will be extremely wet before and after the auld firm game on Saturday.
    A downpour is expected to follow all day Sunday with the brothers, leading to cloudy heads and wind storms in the southerly regions for Monday.

  2. I could have sworn you were doing the Tragedy dance ;)

  3. well, OK then, hye... (ever see raising arizona by the coen brothers, sugar?)

  4. Jimmy; aye indeed. Entertaining the masses on friday, and my Celtic mate is christening his new babby on saturday. Outlook for sunday = Mr. fog.

    Anna; my dancin' CAN be tragic, and often is. Doesn't stop me tho'!

  5. Sav; how YOU doin'? (Noo Yawk accent).
    No, never saw that flick, what I miss? (in 6 words or less)

  6. Yes but what day is it now? And what happened to Tuesday?

  7. Scarlet; it's almost the weekend, wake up child! Tuesdays, I can take 'em or leave 'em.
    Good wishes to Mom.

  8. I recommend hair of the dog and more dancing. And then it won't matter what it's doing outside.

  9. I may be having one of those foggy days Saturday, as Friday is date night.... but can't get too out of control as I work Saturday. :-(

  10. Ava; the way I feel right now, hair of a mange ridden rabid three legged mongrel would suffice.

    Pon; hope you've got some energy left for your date! Yer too busy girl!
    Have fun.

  11. Save a pint for me.

  12. Auntie; being pedantic, Guinness! (2 n's)

    Everybody else; this was never a post about drink or dancing.

    After the first comment by my good pals Jimmy & Anna, well, I just played along. Because it was easier.

    Now that I look at it, I can see how ye could read that into it, what with the pic and what.

    I wasn't on the pish, didn't have more than a tinny at home.

    Big Sis is on the decline. Chemo has been stopped. It's doing more damage than good.
    So we just want to have as much 'good time' with her as we can. They say months, but I hear weeks. She is being SO brave. Still trying to maintain her wonderful sense of humour, more for us than herself. My big brave sis. Oh man, I love her so much.

  13. xoxoxo

    we've only recently met, sugar, but know that you have my heart and prayers for you and yours. peace, dear brother, you are not alone.

  14. Map - bit behind here. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. It may be little comfort, but my heart goes out to you. Like Savvy says, you're not alone. Take care.

  15. Oh Map.... I am in tears for you and your sister. Spend all the time you can with her, talk and laugh and love her up. You'll cry too but that is okay. Hug her and kiss her and hold her close. I never had the chance to do those things with my oldest sister when she died as it was a car crash. I'm sending you huge hugs, an ear to listen if you need it and a shoulder to cry on.

  16. Geez, I'm nae gonna drink what you blokes are drinking.
    Oh, alright---I would
    Hey---wake up----it's a lot better than not waking up

  17. Wandered over from the Bearded One's blog.

    First, sorry to hear about your sister. Having been through same with my Dad, the best thing to do is laugh and make as many memories as possible. Good thoughts are sent your way to share with her.

    Secondly...I swear I heard Right Said Fred singing, "I'm Too Sexy for my shirt" in that photo. :)

  18. Hope; hey, thanks for dropping by, and thanks for your comments and good

    As for RSF... we were actually doing a (strange) version of 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' by Kylie when that pic was taken! But you hear whatever you want, cheers Hope. See ya soon.