Sunday, 24 May 2009


Please answer A or B.

A: I think I drink too much.

B: I drink, I think too much.


  1. Well dang it Mappy, It all depends on what you're drinking...
    The answer is A if you're drinking pints of ale.
    But the answer is B if your're drinking cups of coffee.
    I always prefer the ale.
    Bottoms up, dude.

  2. Auntie; I think I drink WAY too much coffee.

  3. I don't drink much coffee and never drink ale... so is there a C? The only thing I actually drink lots of is water... everything thing else is sporadic.

    What can I say...I'm a cheap date! ;-)

  4. Pon; you just made me laugh out loud!
    I drink lots of H2O meself! Herself loves coming to the pub with us, though she hardly ever drinks. One beer is her limit, she just loves the socialiality of it all, as do I. But I love the Guinnessality too!

    (herself always says she's a cheap date!!)

    I vibe happy to you.

  5. Thank you, Map... happy is always good. As is laughing out loud. :-D

    Being a cheap date has the consequence of often being the designated driver, which then eliminates the chance to possibly have more than the one or two drinks I might think I want. *sigh*

    Of course, I need to have someone to actually go out on a date with...

  6. Pon; Herself is always the DD. Fortunately our local pub is only a ten minute walk away, so if She has more than one, well, it's a romantic walk home!

    (And I'm sure you have many a date!)

  7. Mappy,
    BTW, this post reminded me to publish a story about drinking. Check it on my other blog at

  8. A romantic walk is what it should be *every* time, Map! Never minds the wheels...

    And no, actually, I have very few dates... they seem to be very few and far between these days. It gets a lot harder to do when you get to be in the over 50 category. *sigh*

  9. Definitely B -- until I've had too much to drink, then it becomes A.

  10. ok, i agree, sugar! ;) xoxox