Sunday, 24 May 2009

For Map

Who 'boo'd her?

Catholics? Christians?


She told the truth.

She tore up a picture of the pope.

She stood up.

How brave. Fuck 'em Sinead!

They took a piece of me.

They TOOK me.


I'm crying.

I'm getting more brave.


I Have Issues!!!


  1. She's got balls, that woman. And good on her for not letting them chase her from the stage before she had said her piece. It's just so sad when so many people react so stupidly without understanding the consequences of events in the world these days.

    Be brave, Map. I lead a very insular life here in Canada, where the strife and hardship that so many nations and peoples know do not happen. But I do know that I wish all the religious 'wars', on all fronts, would just stop. For so many who preach love thy neighbour and be a good person, why is it just about every battle being fought today is about religion in some capacity?

    I just don't get it. But then, I haven't got religion either.

    I'm sending big, warm hugs, Map. xoxo

  2. Map,
    We all have issues.
    And Sinead didn't back down.

  3. Hey Brother Map,

    I have much admiration for anyone who (despite opposition) will speak from the conviction of their heart. The truth is often not popular and those that choose that path face ridicule, resentment and scorn.

    Sometimes a kind word helps so much in encouraging someone.

    You know that although we haven't known each other long I feel a kinship with you; I'm most appreciative of the friendship you've extended to me.

    Thanks for the friendship Map,


  4. ... and fuck them again, bunch of fucks.

  5. xoxoxo, sugar. i'm here, we're here for you. as the U said, we haven't known each other long, but your sorrow is mine, your happiness is mine, we are kin. peace

  6. I too will never understand how anyone who claims to be Christian can ridicule someone for merely speaking their mind. She tore up a picture for crying out loud, she didn't shoot the Pope!

    I was raised a Baptist but parted with the church when the building became more important than the people inside. I talk to God more now without the aid of "organized" religion.

    Like those above have said, we haven't known each other long but you can add me to the "I care" list. :)

  7. Pon, Auntie, U, Paddy, Sav, Hope; thank you all Sincerely. I was having one of my moments.
    Much better today. Thanks again.

  8. I have always admired those who stand for what they believe despite the easier path. How much easier it would be to sit down, shut up, and leave things alone.
    It was not for her, and it is not for you.
    Our secrets will kill us.

    There is a saying: When the ax came into the forest, the trees whispered "the handle is one of us".

    I've spent a lot of time thinking about that.

    I admire you, Map. You got a nice inner core of strength goin' there.


  9. Pearl; thank you for your very kind comments.
    My strength comes partly from age, but I get most of it from my wife and kids, and from friends, old and new. xxx