Wednesday, 27 May 2009

I, who have nothing.

I have a wonderful, beautiful wife.
I have three beautiful, talented, healthy daughters.
I have so much love for, and from them all.
I have a mother, and sisters and brothers.
I have aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews.
I have great-grandnieces and great-grandnephews.
I have big feet. And big thumbs.
I have many friends.
I have a band. I have another one in the making.
I have fans.
I have a barbeque.
I have yet to use it. Let there be sunshine!
I have patience.
I have clothes.
I have respect for, and from other people.
I have a love for music and art.
I have my paintings hanging in my house.
I have a house.
I have heat when it's cold.
I have ice for my lemonade.
I have lemonade.
I have an old car. It does what it's supposed to do.
I have toast and peanut butter for breakfast. And three eggs.
I have food in the fridge.
I have beer in the fridge.
I have beer?
I have flowers in the garden. And weeds.
I have many lovely neighbours. And a couple of bollix-heads. Fuck 'em!
I have tomorrow's lunch prepared.
I have many years behind me.
I have many years ahead.
I have a life.
I have life.
I have everything I need.
I have to get some sleep soon.


  1. Hey Bro,

    Tom can have that song. From where I'm sitting you've got something more precious than I, who have nothing.

    I agree with Leah.


  2. Map, honey, you have all that anyone ever needs in life. The biggest of which is love from and for the ones who matter most to you.

    A lucky man indeed. :-D

    ((hugs)) xoxo

  3. Leah; thank you.

    U; and thank you, my brother.

    Pon; sometimes all we gotta do is take stock of what we got, to realise what we got. xxx

    Sav; ta luv.xoxox

  4. Although I usually see the glass as half full, we all have days where we wonder if the glass has run empty. I was fortunate enough to marry a man who can recite your type of list to me, immediately yanking me from whatever pity party I may be trying to throw. Not often, but it happens. :)

    It's easy to see you're a lovable guy. And like draws like as is evidenced by your family and priorities which are obviously in order.

    Okay, how can you not love a guy who'll eat peanut butter for breakfast? [And Mom always said I was nuts for that]. ;)

  5. Aww, that's just put a big smile on my face :)

  6. Dude,
    You have so much to be grateful for!

  7. Hope; I couldn't possibly contemplate a future without peanut-butter! (extra-crunchy, no added sugar).

    Anna: and that's put a smile on mine!

    Auntie; yes I do, and yes I am. xxx

  8. No added salt or sugar, on a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel, and a big glass of milk! I do smooth, however, due to bridge work in my mouth... not fun getting crunchy bits stuck under that.

  9. Pon; now that sounds tasty.

  10. Blimey! Can I have some of what you're having? Especially the beer.

  11. Scarlet; come on down, it's our bank-holiday weekend, you might even find your mojo! xxx

  12. What's with all these bank holidays in the UK? Do the banks just decide its time to take a break so everyone gets the day off work???

    We need some of those over here in the Colonies... or I need to move there. ;-)

  13. Pon; Some people, (not me) but probably most everyone else in this country, a REPUBLIC, might get a tad, how will we say, incensed, at others lumping us in with the brand U.K.!!

    They (not me) will tell proudly of the time when our forefathers fought for independence in the earlier part of the last century.

    Ireland, (a republic), they (not me) will tell you, (in NO uncertain terms), is NOT part of the U.K.!!

    Bank holidays or NO bank holidays!

    It's been a while since WE were part of 'the colonies' they, (not me) will say loudly, and very proudly!

    Anyhoo, there seems to be at least one bank holiday every month here in the REPUBLIC, and two in some months. We need them to take a break and relax and try to forget the tyranny!!

    And if you ever decide to move to the U.K. then it's only a hop, skip and jump to the land of the free. (Actually, there's not much free here at the mo, what with the shit crowd we got in charge and all).

    But there's always a smile and a welcoming drink at Chez Map for the Pon, and all my other cyber friends. (That includes you Jimmy.)

  14. Pon; that was possibly my longest EVER reply!

  15. To quote the incomparable Mr. Jones,
    It's not unusual for a man to acknowledge all the good things in his life but it's always helps to make a list.

    You have a great Life.

    Life is a Garden and you are diggin' it.

  16. Donn; thanks for droppin' by.
    I DO have a good life. I was 'working' last night, and again tonight , doing what I love doing. singing and entertaining the masses. (Maybe not the masses, but enough people to keep me interested.)
    We are all happy and healthy here today.
    I hope your good friend Chris is on the mend.
    I send well wishes to you both.

  17. My profuse apologies to the Republic of Ireland for lumping you in with the UKers.... sorry, sorry, sorry! I didn't actually realize that you were NOT. But I didn't check it out officially either.... my bad.

    But still... bank holidays monthly or even more often?!? We have 11 holidays totally unrelated to banks... So that's not even one a month!

    If I ever do make it across the pond for a visit, you are definitely on the list! The opposite applies as well, Map. If you ever make it to Winnipeg, my door is open!

  18. Pon; calm down love, it's only a republic!
    And yeah, ye's are on for exchange visits, we would love it. Now if only we could get our Jimmy involved? It's amazing how one can miss someone we've never met! xxx

  19. K... I am calm. But I am worried about Jimmy as well. It's been a long time since we heard from him... or of him, other than he's under the weather. I just hope he's okay. xoxo

  20. Me too. I have a feeling it's not physical? Our friend is a very deep man! I miss him...
    he was the very first to encourage me, give me confidence. I wish I could HUG him!

  21. What a wonderful post hon - so very nice to read of appreciation instead of the usual bitch/moan (I'm guilty of that I admit)
    *big hug for The Mapster!*

  22. Jayne; we all need to bitch and moan! And I do my share, believe me. Hugs back.