Thursday, 7 May 2009


There is a cloud o'er me.
I would forever in it's shadow stay,
Be in shade,
If it were to save my love,
The one, who were my other mother
But the cloud be dark,
And must rain upon me
And my like.


  1. xoxoxo
    we're all here for you, sugar.

  2. Oh Map, what can I say? Like savvy says, we're here for you, whatever. You're our friend and you matter to us, no matter that we met through this medium. All my love, xoxo

  3. I think there's a cloud over us all mate! Flipping tipping down. Literally and metaphorically.
    SXX *Hugs*

  4. I have decided to be shomer shabbas today, but can't resist sending you this thought: Export Strength Tanqueray and some draw. I hope this helps.

  5. Mrs P; I just made a new friend, A Mr. J. Daniel. We've only just met but are getting along famously.

  6. Hey Stew, the clouds only make you appreciate the sunny days
    Look to others to see how much sun you have in your life
    Family---you lucky bastard

  7. Clyde; I am indeed fortunate to have such a large , loving family. The down is coming from the knowledge that one of them is gravely ill and does not have much time left with us. And yes, there will be sunny days.