Sunday, 31 May 2009

There are more good people than bad people.


  1. Mappy,
    Yes, it's so important to remember that, even when things go bad.

  2. Map,

    Who is this bro? She's got pipes! I love the way she sings from a place that touches. When she says, "You're in the arms of your Angel, may you find some comfort here", I melt away.

    Thanks's a great way to kick-start the week!


  3. Oh, that is so beautiful! Heartwarming, is what it is.

  4. @U: I've got dial-up at work and I can't get past the first couple of words but I recognize the singer as Sarah McLaughlin. It's one of those hauntingly beautiful ballads. It's currently being used in an ASPCA commercial. {American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for you non-USA dwellers}. McLaughlin is their spokes person...the song plays, she talks and lots of cat/dog pictures pull at your heartstrings.

    Nice choice Map! {And for the record, I think most folks with a sense of humor who aren't afraid to use it are brilliant!} ;)

  5. @U: Sarah McLachlan (this is the correct spelling) is a bonafide Canadian superstar. Her voice is amazing, her grace is as well. She's an awesome woman who gives lots back. She founded Lilith Fair, an all female music festival that has raised millions for a variety of charities. Check her out! You'll love her music. And watch her videos too. She's gorgeous inside and out.

    Thanks, Map. And you are soooo right! There are more good than bad peeps out there... as is evidenced by the people I keep meeting here in bloggerville. xoxo

  6. you know what?
    YOU are one of the Good People, Mr Mapstew. B.E.G just happens to be one of my favourite Van Morrison songs ever. it makes me think of growing up, and my dad, who loves VanTheMan. whenever we were having one of our big family get-togethers Van's music wasn't far away.

    i hope your week is lovely.

  7. @ all; peace & love (man).xxx