Saturday, 30 May 2009

Take My Hand

I sang this tonight.
I love this song.
If only I could do it justice.
Like this man does.
The song just flows from him.
I dedicate this to all my friends.
(That means YOU!)


  1. I love that song too, Map! And I am sure you did it justice. :-)

    Andrea Bocelli has a fabulous voice, doesn't he? I especially love the duet he does with Celine Dion... "The Prayer"... even though I am not at all religious, I adore that song. For the emotions that the 'sounds' bring out, not so much the actual words. The combination of their voices and the music move me...

    Thanks, hon! Hope you're well. xoxo

  2. I love Bocelli's voice and if you love it, you have excellent taste in music, therefore must be a brilliant singer yourself. :)

    I work with Sr. Citizens and had to teach an arthritis exercise class for them, which I hated...just not my thing. To make it better, the last day I played a couple of tunes from my Bocelli "Amore" CD. I swear a couple of ladies swooned. When they asked why I'd chosen that music [which included my favorite "Besame"] I replied, "Where else in the south can you exercise while an Italian sings "Kiss me" in Spanish?" :)

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face. Okay Professor, teach me a new Irish phrase today.

  3. i would love to heard y'alls version, sugar! :~) xoxoxo

  4. I'd love to hear your version too!

  5. Pon; don't know if I did it 'justice', but I did do my version. I enjoyed singing it my way, and so did most of my audience, and I went home happy!!! xxx

    Hope; 'brilliant' is a word which should never be used in context with Mapstew!

    I love to sing. I can carry a tune. I can entertain. I can charm. That's about the best of my talents! But I do make people sing along, and smile, and dance, and THAT always puts a smile on my face and a jump in my step!
    I will never be an Andrea, bit I have my own special thing!

    Sav; one day soon luv!xoxox

    Scarlet; see

    Leah; soulful, yeah. Dude, workin' on it!

  6. Hi Map,

    Although I unfamilar with this artist, I love this song. I found myself singing along as did so many in the audience. It is a song of love and I find that subject quite inspiring.

    I'm sure you do justice to the words Map.Thanks my brother,


  7. U; you got me down bro, I may not do justice to the song, but I am down with the words!
    Respect Bro!