Friday, 8 May 2009

Everybody dance. NOW!

Nice crowd tonight.
Floor full for most of the evening.
I like a dancey crowd.
Then, the bar closed, at 12:30!
12:30? At a wedding? In fuckin' Ireland?
Tres Bizzare indeed.
Still, got home early and made aquaintance with a certain Mr. Jack D.
(The liquor, not the stand-up).

A lovely evening is expected tomorrow.
The christening of baby Aine, daughter to Paul & Francis,
and sister to the darling Aishling.
I don't go for all that church thing, everyone to their own,
but the party is on at my local, at 6:30.
Fun will be had by all.
I've been a bit down, but tomorrow is an uppy for definite!
Now where did I put that Jacky D?


  1. Hope the uppy sticks with you for a bit, Map...

    Thanks again for the lovely award. You deserve a big hug... just for being a nice guy.

  2. Hey Guy,
    Why on earth did the bar close so early?
    Last nite I stayed home and had one Sam Admas (summer ale).
    BTW, had you ever had a Magner's ale? I tried it recently.

  3. be in the moment and smile, sugar! xoxox

  4. got a hangover this morning?

  5. 12.30---and in Ireland--
    My god, the economy has hit everything
    Jack is always great company
    Jim can be a good bloke
    And when the Jameson boys join it, it is a great night.
    With a family in your life, what is this getting down shit----come on Stew, there is always another day tomorrow-----and another pint

  6. Pon; hey, have you slowed down yet?
    Thanks fer the hugs.

    Auntie; over here Magner's is cider, very popular in summer.

    Sav; ta sugar, had a lovely evening with our friends and our kids. xoxox

    Nurse; amazingly no, considering the consumption!

    Clyde; hey buddy. 12.30, I know!
    Did I miss your birthday? Belated wishes.

  7. i love that poster.
    back in the olden days (1962)
    you could legally get away with a dance which incorporated the use of either chicken leg movements or jazz hands.
    good times.

  8. the proj; ah, 1962..... I remember it well!
    Lie... the Map was 1yr old, but I do remember from about '66 on. Good times indeed.

  9. Map - hope all enjoyed it. Keep the ups up and the downs down. Big hugs.

  10. Hugs are available anytime they are needed, Map. Give and receive as many as you can, hon. You deserve them. :-)

  11. Pon; it's great to know so many good people.xxxx