Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I was browsing in a shop at the weekend and this came on the sound system.
I used to sing it many moons ago.
I was a different person then.
It brought back many memories.
Some of which were buried and forgotten.
But I am a stronger person today and those memories are just that.
The song is beautiful, as are the artists. Enjoy.


  1. never heard this song, sugar, but what a haunting melody/lyric. xoxox

  2. Ah, this song is an important song for me; (maybe my mother complex is bigger than I think) it represents for me a life unexplored, unlived. There is a little/big part of that in all of us I think.
    I just can’t understand songs like “No Regrets.” I imagine that to be the illusion of the “Hollywood Set,” and the likes of.

  3. Ooh, I love this song and I haven't heard it for so long. Thanks Map!

  4. Fuck it, I didn't know you'd started this. Well done, and the best of luck. Procrastination isn't half the thief of time that blogging is.

  5. Did not know that song. I can highly recommend the soundtrack for O Brother, Where Art Thou?, which has many similar great songs.

  6. Sav; haunting, yes. xoxox

    MoMa; and important for me too. It reminds me of a time when I let lesser mortals make me feel small.

    Anna; you are welcome. xxx

    Bock; ta very much sir.

    Dr Zibbs; welcome to Mapland.

  7. xl; welcome to Mapland. I have that soundtrack and it is indeed a good 'un. I love bluegrass, cajun, trad.. it's all related. As are all of us I suppose, if ya go back far enough.

  8. Remember: I'm the trashy one with no taste in anything!

  9. Scarlet; and don't you forget it! xxx

  10. @xl...i just watched that movie again for the gazillionth time! xoxox