Sunday, 1 November 2009

And I Love You. Oh!

And every night I go to sleep
And every night, Tomorrow?
And Every night I think,
Another day I'll have to borrrow?
And every night another can,
Another drink I'll swallow
And every sip I take
Another dept into to the wallow?
And then I realise
A borrowed place, a place so shallow
A place I'll never see
And then I see my face, no shadow!
And it is because of you,
Because of you no shadow.

And with you, no shadow,

No Shadow!

And I love you so!


  1. Taking artistic license, I see... Do you have to pay Perry any royalties for your version? ;-)


  2. Perry Como: The whitest white man who ever lived. My mother had an old Perry Como Christmas album. On the cover, his face appeared in the ornaments hanging on the tree. I still have very bad dreams about it.

  3. I remember him from when I was little, he had a television show.

    He really did have a good voice.

  4. Are you doing a tribute to swoon worthy singers of a past generation? :)

    Of all the albums Dad had, Como was the one I'd actually sit and LISTEN to. Thanks for making Monday more fun.

  5. Pon; I feckin' hope not!


    UB; Oh dear! :¬)

    @eloh; I remember his shows.


    hope: As I get older I'm really learning to appreciate these older crooners!