Friday, 27 November 2009

She Takes Me Away

Herself is taking me away.
On a couple of days bliss!
Across the Universe.
(It's away, I don't care where!)
On our own.
No Kids!
To Galway.
The country is flooded, I know!
But at least it's a different flood!

Nice hotel.
Big bed.
Warm bar!

See you all soon!



  1. Oooo, how romantic! Have an absolutely lovely time away, Map.... just you and Herself. xoxoxo

  2. Sounds wonderful, have a geat time.

  3. Have a wonderful weekend and don't you dare think about the kids the whole time! They'll be fine on their own, promise. :)

  4. enjoy yourself- i have fine memories of Galway myself

  5. For the love of god, look out for the myriad of cycle lanes alang the sea front around mid morning. A man can get seriously hurt as he sobers himself on waking up fae the pavement.

  6. Have fun--Galway sounds so romantic to me! And Jimmy just made me laugh...

  7. Have a great time. And tell us all about it when you come back. Well, may be not all of it!

  8. Bon voyage. Don't forget to write. Take some photos, too.

  9. Set your sights on Herself and pretend we don't exist... until say Monday or Tuesday. :)


  10. Mappy,
    Your Missus is taking you away?
    YES! A well-deserved weekend just for Grown Folks.
    And BTW, where is that enchanted photo from? I must know. In a couple years I will be trekking to the UK and I don't want to miss that stunning castle.
    It's a castle, right?

  11. I hope the hotel room isn't on the ground floor or you'll have more than a sea 'view'.

    Enjoy it boss. It'll be over before you know it.

  12. Hey Stew, enjoy yourself.
    My friends are in Galway and in love with the place and the lifestyle.
    What a wonderful lady you have

  13. Hope the house is still in one piece when you get home, and the kids were sensible enough to make any repairs before you got back :)

  14. U; We're back, and we did. Thanks brother!

    Pon; It WAS! Sometimes you just have to get away from it all, and the kids even, to get the romance back! (And we did, 'wink,wink'!)


    St. Jude; It was, and we did!


    Eleanor; You know, I must really trust them, 'cos they were the last thing on my mind! (Or maybe I just got a dirty mind?!)


    shug; What a wonderful place it is yeah?
    I just love the place! Always a fun town!

    Jimmy; So, you woken up there too? It's traditions like that that keeps us celts together! You the man! :¬)

    Leah; Galway is SO romantic Leah, even in November, when the country is 90% under water! (It's all to do with the company you keep!)


    Madame DF; Can I just say, FUN was had by all!


    UB; Sorry pal, the camera was the last thing on my mind! (maybe next time!)

    hope; I did. SHE did. WE DID!


    Sav; 'Twas sugar, just perfection!


    Auntie; It was a VERY grown-up weekend!

    Now. As for the castle, it is in Galway Bay, in Ireland, not too far away from the UK!

    In Ireland you can't throw a stone without hitting a castle of some shape or form! So when you do get to the UK, be sure to take the time to visit Ireland, which is quite close to the UK, they being our nearest neighbours, us being so close, as it were to the UK, not actually being part of the UK as it were. (cos some people, not me, are very sensitive like, about 'us' being lorded in, as it were with 'them', not me as I say! 'Cos I loves all me neighbours! Even Jimmy!


    Dev; We had to take so many diversions just to get there! (Gort was a 'no-go' area!) So had to divert through Loughrea!, Ya know what it's like! Came home the coast road thiugh, Kinvara, Ballyvaughan, the Burren! Class!


    Clyde; Both my lady and Galway are indeed class! Cheers pal!

    Kim; I must be training them well, all was good on our homecoming! (Pot of tea even!)

    Hope yerself and Maggie had as good a time as we did! :¬)