Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Record Time

I didn't sleep well last night.
Didn't sleep long either.
The head is still on gig-shift after 5 late nights.
Still, I got up early.
And felt like a bag of dobbers all day.
As weak as a June robin.
As ill as a small hospital.
(I'm exaggerating, I know!)
And now it's late evening, and I'm starting to come to life!

The recording desk arrived from Germany today!
It's still in the box.
I've promised myself I'll get excited tomorrow.


  1. I feel your pain...sure, as a memory but it was still tough. When I worked as a police dispatcher, we had a different shift EVERY week! By the time the body got acclimated to one, it was time to change again.

    So rise night person and be happy about the box from Germany...then report back when stringing sentences together doesn't feel...painful. :)

    We'll be waiting. Jimmy can oversee the bar. ;)

  2. I feel your pain. I'm naturally a night owl anyway, but always working a late into the night shift from the age of 14 ruined me for life. Even when I have to get up early, I can't go to sleep at a decent hour.

    How exciting about the recording desk. Little wonder you're getting an evening adrenaline rush. :)

  3. hope; I shouldn't complain really. I love my job.


    Eleanor; A new toy! Who knows what joys it will bring!


  4. a bag of dobbers
    I wonder if I'll like it so much when I find out what dobbers are.

    Enjoy the toy!

  5. Map,

    Hope you get some rest and have your excitement tomorrow.


  6. I have no idea what dobbers are, either... :-\

    But at least it's a fleeting thing and you're back to you as the day progresses.

    So... now that the recording desk has arrived... the youtube thing better happen PDQ!!! I am so excited for you! And for us... when we finally get to hear and see you guys perform. :-D


  7. For the love of god... is it not yourself that's now bigger than Elvis, and busier than Daniel O'Donnell? The price of fame, the price of popularity.

    Have another snifter to see you through pal.

  8. Lulu; 'dobbers' = marbles. :¬)


    U; Still not there, but better than yesterday! Thanks bro.

    Pon; soon! I promise. :¬)


    Jimmy; Ah Elvis, or as Mrs. McManus calls him, Declan! And sure Nobody could possibly be busier than the King Himself DANIEL!

    (Had the snifter, it helped!)

  9. Can you post a photo of the recording desk? I'm not entirely sure of what you're talking about (I think I do) and a pic would help clear this up.

  10. UB; Your wish/My command!


  11. Does this mean you'llbe putting up MP3s of your stuff for us to listen to?

  12. Kim; That's the plan Kim. Now just have to figure out how to use the thing!


  13. Pon: Oh dear Pon, I'm a man, we don't read manuals! Or ask for directions! Or Cry!


  14. That's because if they read the manuals, they would cry... the sentence construction is harder to follow than the actual directions. :)

    Hubby has me read them; either to translate them into something understandable prior to reaching his ears or because men don't want to be bothered...hey, wait a minute! ;)

  15. hope; Don't you see, that's our Masterplan?!

    No, seriously, we haven't got a fuckin' clue! THAT'S why women have the babies! The human race would 'ave died out long ago otherwise!