Thursday, 26 November 2009

Written In Stone.

It's taken five months.
And at that, not my decision.
A combination of having to be there,
And Brotherly love!

It was the youngest brother who took me.
And I remembered the first day I took him to school.
Small, quiet, nervous, tears barely held back.
And now, many years later, roles reversed, he stood with me.
My support.

I walked up to it.
Faced it.
Saw the reality.
And I can deny no more the truth.

Carved in stone,
The name.
Her name.
And Her picture, smiling back at me.

And I have started to sleep again.


  1. The older I get, the more I realize how valuable family is. I wonder why it took me this long?

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  3. UB; And every day we learn.
    And so much we learn from our family.
    And we grow with them.


  4. sweet dreams, sugar. peace, love and joy to you and yours. xoxox

  5. Family first.. that goes without saying. Sometimes we have to let a little ice flow through our veins in order to ensure that those about us are looked after well.

    Tonight I drink alone save my thoughts on matters of recent events. Sleep seems not to come to those who have the ice in place of the heart, so it would seem.

  6. Sav; Thanks hon.


    Jimmy; I too shared a bottle with my thoughts as company last night.

  7. Stew, the ashes of my whole family are spread on my beach and I talk to them every day---but there are no stones, no names---but when I'm down a tear will roll on my cheek.
    My brother has been gone for 17 years---the local athletics park is named in his memory--I go there on his aniversary and touch the dedication stone---I see his name and my heart breaks and I cry like a child---I don't care---It's love----and I should go there

  8. Your brother was right - my thoughts are with you

  9. Brother Map,

    Pleasant dreams and restful sleep.


  10. There is no time line for grief. Take your time. I'm just glad you're sleeping again. Sweet dreams.

  11. Hope says it exactly right. Grief is a process, and we each take it in our own time and in our own way. Especially when it is family, and someone whom you loved very much.

    My thoughts, too, are with you.

  12. A worthy winner for my post of the week pal.

  13. So glad you finally got there, Map. And got to sleep as well.

    Now, you can go visit her and talk to her whenever you need to or feel like spending a little one on one. You know she's always listening, right? Always watching over you...


  14. Clyde; You are indeed a big soft man, and I look forward to the day when we walk side by side on your beach my friend. Love you mate! :¬)

    Kim; kid brothers can be right sometimes! Enjoy your break with Maggie. Cheers pal. :¬)

    U; I see you as being the most layed-back of all my friends! And I hear your wonderful laugh in my head! Thank you brother for your love and kinship! :¬)

    hope; It's coming along, slowly, but coming. Sweet dreams are made of this? :¬)


    Charlie; My new friend, I cherish your kind thoughts pal. :¬)

    Jimmy; Oh pal, see now, I am honoured. This was from the heart pal, and my heart is always open to a friend such as you.

    Go raibh mile maith agat a Sheamais, Is tu i mo chroi anocht a chara!

    Pon; It was a big step for me. But the young fella helped me get there. Thanks for your love hon!