Sunday, 8 November 2009

What? 'er!

Sometimes you go out.
Into this world, that we all live in.

Into the day.
And despite the positive forecast.
It rains.
And you get wet.
And you think,
'Why didn't I think to bring an umbrella'?

Because sometimes we don't think of the umbrella.
Most times we just go out.
And live.
And just expect the day to be sunny!
Don't think about the consequences, do we?
We just have to take the effing chance.
What we gonna do?
That's what life is, yeah?
And sometimes we do get wet.
But it's just water, isn't it?
And it dries.
Or evaporates.
And life goes on.

So don't worry if you have forgotten your umbrella today.
You may well get wet.
But you will dry off.

And you will remember your umbrella tomorrow.

We all 'get wet' every now and then!


  1. Brother Map,

    Truer words were never spoken. If it happens that I get wet, I'll remind myself, "it's just goes on."

    Thanks bro,


  2. absolutely true, sugar! and for me, i have naturally curly hair, so it's always win-win for me! ;~D xoxoxox

  3. Brother, I like it when you get me!

  4. Sav; Humidity can be a bastard on the curls sugar, tell me about it!


  5. Mapstw, I've had such a shitty week, but Brother u suggested I read your post & y'know what, I feel much much so, I'm going to tackle the mountain of ironing!
    Great post hon & thank you :-)

  6. I have curls too, and a bit of rain just make them curl more... so I don't mind. ;-)

    It's not about what happens to you...

    It's about what you do with what happens to you...

    Make the most of every day, because it may be all you have. And there is something good in every situation, even if you don't realize it until well down the road.

    Big hugs, Map... None of us melt. And if my mascara runs, I'll just wipe it off and remember to wear waterproof stuff the next day. No biggie. ;-)


  7. Oh that's lovely, Mr Map!
    i'm feeling quite wonderfully optimistic today and your post has been the icing on the cake.

  8. Well now... tis a great philosopher that you become my friend. I'm quite proud of you.

  9. Stew
    That is why you and I have a hairdryer at home.
    The only time to carry an umbrella is when you are with a lady and you need to protect her----or you're at the football and you don't want to walk out

  10. I find that the older I get, the more cautious I become. You'll not find me without an umbrella in either the real or the metaphorical sense. I don't take chances like I use to. A bit sad, isn't it? But if you get wet enough times, you learn to check the forecast before heading out into the world.

  11. Jayne; you are more than welcome. I've had a look at your week, and it was shitty! But it's gone now.

    Ironing eh?


    Pon; I used to have curls!



    proj; glad you're feeling good. And thanks!


    Jimmy; You know full well I find my philosophy at the bottom of a pint mug! :¬)

    Your comment made me feel like a young lad smiling up at his big brother! Thanks for that!

    Clyde; 'tis many a hairdryer we have at home. It's been a while since I've needed one meslf though! :¬)

    UB; I think I actually take more chances these days than I did as a youngfella! It doesn't always work out as I would like, but sometimes...... :¬)

  12. Oh, but if there's one thing I detest it's getting rained on. Just the initial raining -- once you're wet, you're wet -- but the transition from un-rained-upon to rained-upon? I'm against it!


  13. Says you who doesn't have a full household of kids and parent at varying degrees of coughs, colds and flu-like symptoms...


  14. I have an umbrella in my car...which is usually where it is when I need it. The joke is if I bring the umbrella inside when there's threat of rain, the sun pokes its head through the clouds. So I ask folks, "Do you think we need rain? Because if you do, I'll just leave the umbrella in the car." :)

    But you're right. It's just water and I haven't melted yet. Can't say my hair improves [baby fine and straight is merely one step below your hairstyle] but you made me smile. And that is good.

    Although I'm wondering about Jimmy's pictorial handiwork! ;0

  15. I used to tell my kids that they knew what happened when they got wet: they melted. Me, my hair just gets curlier.

  16. Kim; You all have my sympathy.

    (But at least you don't live with four ladies who all seem to get P.M.T at the same time!)


    hope; I suppose it was never really about the rain. This is Ireland! We invented rain, and try to keep as much of it for ourselves as we can! Actually, I can have a fine old time out walking in the forest in the rain. (There's a song in there someplace!)

    So, Jimmy's pics?


    debra;Lots of curly haired lasses out there!


  17. Jimmy's new eye-popping version that appeared next to your name on my blog. Are you providing eye candy for the ladies now? You are such a considerate man. ;)


  18. hope; Jimmy's a great man with an airbrush!