Wednesday, 18 November 2009


So, Little Sis was 19, single, and had just given birth.
To a beautiful baby boy.
And they came home to us, Ma & Da,
and the four brothers still at home.
And we all (the bros) instantly became surrogate fathers.
We became experts at feeding, nappy changing, lulling to sleep.
And we could get quite 'annoyed' if we didn't 'get our time' with the baby!
There was nothing we didn't know about teething, winding (burping) and nappy rash.
Poor Sis had to queue up to get a look-in!
And we won't even mention the attention from the Ma & Da.
To say a child was loved was an understatement!
And he is still as loved today.
25 years later.
I am proud to be his uncle.

A very happy birthday to my favourite nephew, Rob.


  1. If he is anything like you, Map, he's a fine specimen of a man with a wonderful heart. Happy birthday to Rob from Canadia!!

  2. Nothing quite like the family bond huh pal? I took my grandbaby along to pick out a turkey or two for the christmas table this year. It was the look in her eye when she saw the sharpness of the farmers axe that told me it would be beef for the eating on the 25th.

  3. Pon; He's got the looks ok (not mine, thank fuck!) and a heart the size of Winnipeg!


    Jimmy; The bond of family is indeed precious to me Jim, and the ties with this lad are even stronger than with the others. I would be proud to have him as a son.

    (I hopefully have a while yet before the grandchildren come! But who can tell. And they will be covered with love when they do arrive!)

  4. Happy 25th anniversary for becoming an uncle!


  5. Kim; Thanks. He wasn't the first, (I had 3 older sibling who had long since left to have their own families), but he is the favourite, and the one I see most.


  6. It's a beautiful thing, to love and be loved.


  7. happy birthday, rob! and congratulations to you, sugar, for being present in a young man's life when he needed it! xoxoxox

  8. Brother Map,

    I join you in wishing Rob a Happy Birthday.

    There is nothing like the love and support of family.


  9. Pearl; We have a very close bond, as do all the brothers with this wee chap! We love him very much.


    Sav; I think it was his presence in our lives, as young men, which made us the men we are today sugar! And, I like to think, our input made him the man he is today!


    U; Nothing!

  10. Too many meetings this week, so far behind on blogs! I do apologize.

    Happy Birthday to Rob! And thank you for adding to the world of fine young men by being a good influence. You ARE a good influence [okay give your brothers some credit as well] because you took the time. It's the one gift we most appreciate and forget to be thankful for.

    My favorite nephew will be 10 the day before Thanksgiving. He's very proud to have outgrown me; reasoning that if he's already as tall as I was at age 12, he's accomplished something. Don't have the heart to tell him that's the age I stopped growing. :) I too did diaper duty, etc. and am now rewarded by out of the blue comments like "I love you!"

    We know you're well loved and have probably passed that on to your nephew as well. But just tell me you didn't teach the kid how to blush. ;)

  11. hope; he's quite bashful, but I've yet to see him blush!