Monday, 23 November 2009


So tonight we brought Bridie 'to the church'.
And then the wake.

I haven't laughed so much in a very long time!

We all went to the 'local', a pub in a 'rough' area.

OUR area!

Ma was on great form, considering the circumstances.
She just was MA!
She was 'doing the wake old style'!
And did we feckin' love it?
Yes we did!
But then again, we all have to learn from the Ma!
She IS 84, and has been through a lot more life than us wee kids!
But, what a sense of humour!
She told tales of the Da, and Bridie, and the grandparents we never knew.
She told tales of when we were young, when Da and Bridie would sit us on their laps.
She told jokes that NO 84 year old woman should even understand!
She kept us UP!
She is back to being MA!
It was great to see her smile again, even at such a sad time.
But she found it, the stand-up of the funeral parlour!
And She loved seeing the six BROTHERS together again!
And we will be together again tomorrow,
When our Bridie is laid below the clay.
And we will spend the rest of the day drinking together, laughing together, remembering together. Being together!

Slainte mo chaire go leir!


  1. as it should be, sugar. and isn't it like a mother to be the one who brings her children together when they all most need it? you have my heart. xoxoox

  2. Sav; She made us laugh so much tonight, you would not believe! I hope I get to be Her age, and say things, and not care what people think! :¬)


  3. Brother Map,

    I hope when my time comes to leave, those who knew me will celebrate life; I believe that's as it should be.

    No sadness, weeping or sorrow; let there be a spirit of joy, hope, and friendship celebrating the life of one who lived and was loved.

    Your Ma understood this and imparted it to all of you.


  4. Stew, I love the concept of a wake----celebrate the life that you have lived with them, not mourn the loss----there is plenty of time for that.
    I raise a glass on far away shores for the life that was Bridie---long may she be remembered

  5. That's a true wake when if leaves everyone feeling uplifted and celebrating the life that has passed.

    I hope today goes well for you all and particularly for your Ma.

  6. I've been to a handful of funerals, but never a wake, and I always feel I've missed out on something because of that

  7. You're a lucky man to still have your Ma, and may she live to be 102.

    And after you say goodbye to Bridie today, her long life deserves to be celebrated for a day or two with joy and happiness.

  8. Excellent, Map! That's the way it should be... a celebration of the person's life, with laughter and stories and songs. Lots of memories shared...

    We had a wake for my mum, with her in attendence (her ashes in a lovely urn, that is... we didn't prop her up in a corner with a glass of scotch in her hand like she always said she wanted!), lots of photos and mementos that were special to her... many people came and we sang and talked and laughed, with tears yes, but it was a true celebration. She would have been pleased.

    ((hugs)) xoxoxo

  9. Oh, good old Ma! This post is full to the brim with life, even in the face of death.

  10. I'm liking Ma more and more. :) My Grandma once said that getting to 80 was great because you could say ANYTHING and people just whispered, "Well she's 80 you know." Seems a grand age!

    And although I know your family will miss Bridie, I've always thought the idea of a wake was a great way to go out in style. Never been to one but joyously remembered seems nice. Maybe I'll startle the uptight Baptists in my family by demanding one for meself...filled with laughter and LOTS of stories. But later. After I've reached, say 102. ;)

  11. I am looking forward to the day when it is not only appropriate but desireable that I speak my full mind.

    Like your mother. :-)

    I do love a real wake and hope that the same party is thrown for me when I die.

    Lovely post.


  12. I've been to a few wakes Map and you described the scene perfectly! The love for your aunty Bridie shines through to.
    Good luck to you all.

  13. I've done the same masel this week my friend. We've partaken of the porter, and sang the songs that the fiddlers love to play.

  14. U; She's a wise woman.

    Clyde; Cheers pal.

    St.Jude; Thank you.

    Kim; Lots of drinking, singing, stories, tears, laughter, the odd fight or two! Yeah wakes can be fun! :¬)

    Charlie; It is a lucky man I am indeed to still have Ma around!
    And the celebrating continued after the funeral, another great party with lots of drinking and singing. It will take a while to recover! :¬)

    Pon; It was a good day, apart from the torrential downpour which continued for most of the day! More reason to stay indoors and party! Cheers hon!


    Leah; Thanks hon!


    nursemyra; Thank you. And welcome. :¬)


    hope; And she DOES say anything she pleases! She knows how to make a guy laugh, and she was on form for the last couple of days! :¬)


    Tiffin; Thank you, and welcome. :¬)

    Pearl; Thanks hon. I sometimes thing we shouldn't wait 'til we get to a 'certain age' though to speak or mind! :¬)


    GF; Thanks pal. :¬)

    Jimmy; Cheers pal! The Map is now in recovery mode!

  15. Your Ma sounds great and a wake as it should be. I loved reading this post