Sunday, 15 November 2009

You Like Me NO?

Most times I am a shy, quiet guy.
I blush a lot.
I don't know how it works,
I just do. Blush. A lot.
If I don't know you, and you come to me and start a conversation,
I Will Blush!
I am Shy.
But some people who know me as an entertainer just don't get this.

'Cos When I sing, see, that's another story.
I am in my element there you see.
That is where my confidence shines.

And some people take this confidence as arrogance!
This upsets me.
Now in fairness, these people are in the minority.
But still, It upsets me.
Why? I dunno, is it because I want to please everybody?
Do I want everyone to like me?
I know I can't please everyone,
Or expect everyone to like me.

I see 99% of my audience enjoying my show.
But That 1% with the frown still bothers me.
Why do I focus my attention on that tiny minority?
Why, when it is obvious that most people are having fun,
Do I still want that puss faced guy to get into the groove?
A Guy who Disney Himself could not please.

And for fuck sake,
Is THAT not the cutest kid you have ever seen?

THE cutest!

SEE? I am such a softie!

Could it be I am longing for a new bairn?
Surely not!
At my age?
And me with the snip a decade ago?

'Tis a longin' fer the grandchildren it must be?

But we can wait! Seriously, kids, we CAN wait!

(I do love nothing better than holding a wee one in me arms though!)

Oh Jesus don't get me started on babies!



  1. Brother Map,

    First, that IS the cutest kid!

    Second, let it go bro...sing for the joy of that 99%.


  2. Map, you're amazing...

    That you are shy, yet an entertainer who sings his heart out for the world, trying to please everyone...

    You know that 1% won't be pleased with anything in life, so just ignore them. They just don't matter.

    I like you YES!!!


  3. U; I do, but I will always try to get that last guy to like me! Why? :¬)

  4. Pon; Hon, you know I love you, but I will always try to get that guy at the back with the frown! (That's what we entertainers strive for!)


  5. Well, then... try if you must... but don't let it bother you too much, okay? xoxoxo

  6. Pon, I don't know why, but I want everyone to have a good time when I am the entertainment! I Just want to make people happy. (Most of the time I do!, How cool is that!) It's a bastard trying to be a perfectionist!!!!

  7. It's a good thing to strive for, as long as you don't let that miserable 1% get you down!

    I always thought it was a bitch trying to be a perfectionist... seems I was wrong! :-P

    Don't you ever go to sleep? Or is this one of those nights...

  8. It is funny how confident we are in our own comfort zone.
    Put a mic in your hand and strike up the band and you are home.
    You are one of few bloggers who show their real face
    Gotta tell you Stew, I am very shy around women----not my comfort zone in real life.
    Ah, come on Stew, put a pint in your hand and you are as brave as the rest of us

  9. Setting your sites far too high.

    Assume that 90% of people won't like you or your music.

    But that doesn't matter - you don't like 90% of other people's music.

    You're just aiming to please the 10% who really do like you and your music.

    Who gives a **** about the others?

    And then, if 11% of people like you and your music, then that's an achievement :)

  10. One of the best parts for me of learning bagpipes is watching the band. I LOVE that they are confident enough in their skills to get up on a stage in front of all those people and entertain them. And I'm all about being entertaining...I can't wait. Don't feel bad about it, if you've got skills, use 'em.

  11. Pon; Ah, sleep, I remember that. (Always takes me a while to wind-down after gigs!)


    Clyde; I'm challenging myself a lot more these days, trying different styles of music, taking myself out of my comfort zone.

    And I believe it's your round! :¬)

    Kim; I've always been like this! Reaching for the stars?


    AJ; Do you have neighbours? (I'm just remembering when I got my first set!) :¬)

  12. that is the cutest little one! i think the whole deal about babies is just that: WE.WANT.GRANDKIDS.

    re the music and y'all's audience. picture all of us out there and y'all will totally forget about the slackers who aren't in the moment! xoxoxox

  13. Just look at the sunnyside Map, always on the sunnyside of life...

  14. Map, you charming SOB you. :-) A blushing musician at home with a baby in his arms. I'd heard of men like you!


  15. [a] Yes, that IS the cutest kid!

    [b] You too?! I thought I was the only adult on earth who still blushed! I have family who make it their mission in life to try and bring that rosy glow to life, usually against my will. Sigh. Shy too. I'm chatty on paper, not in person.

    [c] Think of Mr. 1% like this: his Mama always told him if he kept making that face it would stick and stay that way.

    [d] You have a very lucky wife.

    [e] If you keep sharing these shining qualities, we'll all be knocking on your door, demanding our own, personal concert! And not a frown in the bunch, I'd bet.

    Sing on, sweet man, sing on.

  16. Sav; Much as I like babies, I think we can wait for the kids to get out of their teens!
    I have lots of grand-nieces/nephews to keep me busy for the moment.

    I see y'all in the front row!


    @eloh; I try, I do! :¬)

    Pearl; See, you got me doin' it again!


    hope; I was in the bank today, lodging cheques, and trying to cash one of them. The teller (who knows me 'cos we have the band account with them and I am in there most Mondays, and there are but 3 tellers, as it is a small branch), said she had to go and check the signature on the cheque (mine) and instantly my face lights-up like a christmas tree! Oh yes, I must be up to something!


  17. *giggling* i forgot y'all still have teenagers, sugar! ;~D xoxoxo

  18. Care to have a blushing contest, oh fellow shy one? I've been the grand champion of blushers all of my life, but I keep hoping for someone to steal my crown. Pretty please? :)

    I totally understand your lack of shyness as an entertainer, because I've been there. I was such a shy child and youth, but put me on a stage, or stick a microphone in my hand, and I came into my own. Singing, acting, narrating - I loved it all. Alas, a nasty individual set me up for a very, very embarrassing incident on stage in my late teens, which set off intense stage fright, and that was that for me and performing. I'll never forget the exhilaration that I got from it before that point, though. It's nothing to do with arrogance or needing to be the centre of attention, but I suppose that those who haven't experienced it can't understand it.

    Speaking of whom, all of the others are right in that you're never going to please everyone, no matter how hard you try. Which falls on deaf ears when you're a perfectionist, I know. Oh, how I know. Ahem.

    Just for the record, a man who goes all gooey over babies is the best kind of man, in my humble opinion. And yes, I see you blushing. ;)


  19. Gawd how I hate getting "caught" blushing. In the summer when I am brown it isn't so bad but now that the tan is fading I've been caught twice in two weeks!

    It's weird that we can fixate on the one dude who is morose while the others are having the time of their lives. However, it's prolly not you that set him off. He could have been fired that day, getting a divorce or just shot down by a lady? Anyway he's not your problem.

    Go on being you and knowing that you're awesome...and it's OK to be awesome at something...most people are..even the sully bastard is awesome at being a sulky Eeyore :)

  20. I blush all the time, have no idea I'm doing it, and really don't care! It happens... just all those little blood vessels acting up. ;-)

    Does your whole head blush, Map? I went to school with a girl who was very light blonde and you could see the blush through the part in her hair right on top of her head! She got ribbed about it a lot but thankfully was a really good sport.

    Ponita (from the computer at work)

  21. Eleanor; Yeah, the blushing thing is weird! People see me on stage, then, if they chat to me afterwards , I feel the face getting redder, unless of course I have had a few pints during the show! I can chat for Ireland when I'm full!


    Donn; Lucky you, with your sunshine tanning Sun thing in the sky! Our summer this year fell on a wednesday! No tans here to hide the shame! :¬)

  22. i tend to frown when i'm concentrating, Mappy. it's something i have to watch, especially when i'm dealing with customers. i bet that 1 percent of audience frowners are concentrating real hard on enjoying your music.

  23. AnonyPon; Yes, the whole big bald skull lights up! :¬)


    proj; I've decided they are constipated! :¬)


  24. I do have neighbors. I live in a condo. Um, yeah, it's gonna be interesting trying to find a place to practice outside the church where the band meets.

  25. AJ; Can't wait to hear the reaction when you start rehearsing in your apartment! :¬)

  26. Ring of truth in this post, the shy retiring entertainer....I know it well....always at odd to be the guy everyone liked...yet know in reality you were a big soft ball of sensitivity that needed sheltering from their hard blows and judgements.

    Nice to first read you.

  27. McGuire; Welcome new friend.

    (And very observant!) :¬)