Friday, 30 October 2009

Have You Ever Poisoned A Fellow Employee?

It's been two years now since I decided to become totally self-employed.
And you know, it's one of my better decisions.
I really like what I do, and have found more and more outlets for my 'talent'!
Which means more money!

The one thing I hope never I have to sit through again is an interview! (Job Interview) (They can interview me for the press all they like!)

Sweet mother of jeebus, but interviews fucked my head!

So here's to being one's own boss.

It comes highly recommended by ME!

(I think I should get a bonus this week!)


  1. Oh good lord! That is just twisted... ;-)

    But being self-employed definitely means no more interviews! That is my goal one day too... and I am slowly working towards that.


  2. how exciting, sugar! will it be a podcast or in a newspaper? xoxoxo

  3. Pon; Innit? I love this!

    Slowly but surely!


    Sav: So how many bottles of wine exactly have we had tonight sugar?


  4. Would you just sign my bare chest to... my best friend Jimmy.

  5. Stew
    I hated being interviewed and conducting interviews--
    I broke all of the rules and gave prospective employees the interview questions 15 minutes before their interview----got better results.
    Hey, I'm self employed myself---it's called retirement

  6. We're big on self-employment in my family, going back generations. It's a great way to go, I agree. You still have to sell yourself, but it's different somehow, isn't it.

  7. We're self-employed, too. We work lots of hours and have few days off, but their is nothing quite like being one's own boss. My daughter showed me a t-shirt that said: "You're Not the Boss of Me." Indeed!

  8. Brother Map,

    I've decided to work as a contractor. It's safe to say, I've grown tired of the corporate bullshit that (despite a love for my profession) reeks with an ever increasing stench. Fuck! Now I sound like I'm complaining.

    I'm going back to check out those costumes of Ponita's.

    Later bro.


  9. Hubby is self employed...I'm currently "stuck in place" by the economy and the fact I AM our insurance. Sigh.

    But I continue to dream. They can't take THAT away from me. Right? They can't repossess my soul or anything? They're trying to suck me dry, having been put on ANOTHER committee this week. You know it's time to leave when your co-workers say, "Wow, congratulations for being chosen!" and your mental response is a silent scream of, "It's only because the rest of you are too damn dumb to do it!"

    Sigh. No, I'm not whining. I just discovered I'm working for a vampire for more than Halloween. :)

    Have fun...keep me laughing like this and I'll be fine. Although I'd like to skip the interview process. Yikes!

  10. Jimmy; Matching tattoos perhaps?! :¬)

    Clyde; No retirement for me! They'll just have to find some way to keep me upright on the stage! :¬)

    Leah; It's definitely the way to go!


    debra; Yeah it's hard work being your own boss, and in my case the hours can be long and unsociable, but when you love what you do.... well, I'm not complaining.


    U; You complain if ya want Bro!

    (Cool costumes!) :¬)

    hope; keep dreaming!

    'You got to have a dream
    If you don't have a dream
    How ya gonna make a dream come true?'

    Happy Halloween!


  11. "I have no butt". Freakin hilarious!

  12. Scarlet; The whole organ? (Maybe it was just a fuse! :¬) )

    I hope you rinsed well! :¬0


    IB; I love these guys! :¬)

  13. i adored the clip, I'm still having do interviews and that's for self-employed work, it's so not fair. And now I'm worried someone's going to ask me to make a meat organ (I'd give it a go actually, I've never been known to refuse a challenge)

  14. The sad, dark thought I've been having recently is that I think my life would actually improve if my boss got hit by the crosstown M42 Manhattan bus on her way home from work. Maybe it's time to consider being self employed?

  15. And take the rest of the week off too. Envious? Me? No. Really, I'm not. Honest. Got to go to bed now to get up early. Harrumph.

  16. sweet mother of god! i really was drunk, sugar! totally misread this entry....*sigh* but it was very good wine! xoxoxoxo

    (anywhere else, i'd totally delete the earlier entry, but y'all know me well enough to laugh with me! and at me!!!)

  17. Having been self employed for over 11 years, there are 2 observations I have found to be true.

    1. Being self employed means you have the best boss in the world, and the worst employee.

    2. After being self employed for more than 6 months you become unemployable - quite simply you become incapable of taking orders from anyone else without telling them where to stick it

  18. luLu; welcome to the circus hon, meat organs eh? Theres only so many ya can do in a week!


    UB; Just keep that as a thought. Ya know ya really don't want that to happen! :¬)

    Madame DF; Sweet dreams my love!


    Sav; Y'all enjoy y'alls trip sugar!

    Been thinking about you!


    Kim; I think you know where I'm coming from!