Saturday, 24 October 2009

Our Andy (And Our Paul)

When we were kids our Dad used to tell us that Andy was our cousin.
We all loved Andy.

I hope to one day shake this man's hand.
(I think you might like this Pon.)


  1. Lakes of Ponchatrain is one of my all time favorite songs. I'd forgotten about it. Thanks :-)
    And now, to bed with me!

  2. Map, I love that song by Paul Brady. Thanks! And I hope one day you *do* get to shake his hand.

    Your cousin Andy... well, I had a bit of a struggle understanding him... ;-)


  3. Brother Map,

    That's a spirited and festive song by Andy. I really enjoyed the Lakes of Ponchatrain.


  4. Bloody Scots, I could no understand a word.

    The Brady fella though, now that's a different story.

  5. Och, Donald, where's yer troosers

  6. And yet the American not only loved Cousin Andy, but understood him perfectly well. :)

    They were both wonderful songs...I just liked the lively spirit of the first. :)

  7. Fabulous gentleman Mr Stewart. Much beloved of my grandparents. Fine way to spend a Sunday evening, listening to his warbles.

  8. debra; to a long and pleasant sleep I hope!


    Pon; och aye the noo!


    U; I just love that song!

    Jimmy; what a strange language!

    Clyde; all me troosers be in the cleaners laddie!

    hope; we kids just loved this of a saturday neet!

    Madame DF; My dad was known as the 'Fabulous Gentleman'! We came from a very poor area, but he would save up for a year to buy a bespoke suit! He was a cool guy, and I think I may have picked up some of his foibles!

    (And HE was always known as Mr. Stewart!, His full name was James Mary Stewart!)