Saturday, 17 October 2009

Lake Journey

Today was one of those rare weekend days.
The kids all had plans which didn't involve us being taxi drivers.
Which meant meself and Herself had the day to ourselves.
And as I didn't have a gig tonight (another rarity on a Saturday), we decided to take off in the car.
No destination, no return time, no clock!
Just got in the car and drove.
Two mins later.. traffic jam!
Turn car around and head in the other direction.
We ended up driving all the way round Lough Derg.
Taking in four counties as we did with a few lovely stops on our journey.
The weather was just fantastic.
We had a wonderful walk in a forest, I'm sure we must have been the only people around for miles!
And a sumptuous lunch was enjoyed right under the boat in the picture above.
We had the place almost to ourselves.
As we watched the Munster rugby team beat the hell out of Treviso on Sky sports.
(It was a home match, hence the traffic jam!)
A Day for chatting, and listening, a day for ourselves.
And it was great.


  1. perfect! nothing better than a few hours to yourselves, sugar! oxoxoxo

  2. Ah, nothing better than a traffic jam to make you turn around and drive in the OTHER direction...the road less traveled? Hmmmm.
    It's so gooooood to have "Grown Folks Only" time. You and the Missus deserve it.

  3. The best of times for you and Annette! I lift my glass to you both.


  4. Oh, how lovely, Map! Nothing beats wandering with the one you love... no agenda and no time limitations... how excellent for the both of you!

    I'll bet it did your hearts a world of good. ~hugs~ xoxoxoxoxo

  5. sometimes all the planning in the world cannot compete with those wonderful little last-minute jaunts, the kinds of days that are unexpectedly lovely. great photo, Mappy - i'm pleased you had such a nice day. X

  6. "A day for chatting, and listening, a day for ourselves."

    Pleasures my friend that cost little money, but are indeed priceless.

  7. Sometimes unplanned and spontaneous is best.

  8. So so so wonderful. A random, winding drive, just the two of you--that's one of my favorite things to do on earth.

  9. Best vacation hubby and I ever had was picking a destination point...then taking our time getting there and back home.

    Nothing like love, leisure and a spouse who enjoys your company to make a perfect day.

  10. "O what a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you."

  11. My wife assures me that those nights will return once the daughters are no longer 3 and 7. Until that blessed event, I will live vicariously through you, if that's okay with you.

  12. I did it again! Posted individual comments to you all, then I THOUGHT I clicked on 'post comment'! It all dissappeared, so, EVERYBODY:

    Thank you all for your lovely comments and thoughts. We had a great day on our own, though it was lovely to come home to our brood.


    (UB; Don't rush it, they grow up so fast!) :¬)

  13. We have one daughter left at home---she'll be 18 in December and will have a 7 week adventure to Australia. Time does indeed do what it does so very fast. Today was a harvest day for us. A freeze is expected tonight.
    Time to snuggle in. So glad you day was a lovely one.

  14. debra; we actually came across a harvest fair on our journey! Real old country event, threshing, and games and music. Wonderful!