Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I, Me, To The Croon!

I'm getting to that age, and the voice is , in my oppinion, coming of age.
For this is the type of song that gives Map most pleasure to sing these days.
Oh I can still rock, like the best, and I like it.
But This stuff gives me tingles!
Move over Mons. Buble!


  1. Francis Albert Sinatra: The Patron Saint of New Jersey.

  2. I love Bublé! I love you already, but if you sing like Frank and Michael, I love you even more! xoxoxoxoxoxo ;-)

  3. There is little doubt that a voice can mature with age.
    There are a few versions of Sammy Davis Jnr on youtube sining Mr Bojangles---his voice in the later years was so much better.
    Love your taste in music

  4. Can we add Harry Connick Jr to the mix as well?


  5. Brother Map,

    Show me a man who cannot say, "Love's been good to me" and I'll tell you, "There stands a man who's never known love."

    I remember listening to record albums of Frank Sinatra as a kid. Frank's voice is timeless.


  6. Frank and his voice are so marvelous; I guess for me it's the whole package. Love, love, love it.

  7. He's not even in your league pal. Not only that, but I hear he could only drink for ten hours straight. Oh to be a Celt.

  8. I think I just swooned. No, I'm pretty sure it was a honest to goodness swoon and not the after effects of the cold on my equilibrium.

    I love Buble [and Connick Jr.] because their voices are smooth and filled with emotion. Being able to understand the words and sentiment doesn't hurt either. :)

    I don't know how patient Pon and I can be after this admission. ;)

  9. Yeah, Map... Hope and I are becoming quite antsy in anticipation. ;-)

    Add Harry into the mix! Of course! Map, Harry, Michael and Frank - wow! Wouldn't that just knock your socks off!!!


  10. UB; If only I believed in a god that could bless him!

    Pon; One day I will sing a song live for ya hon!


    Clyde; thank ya pal!

    Pearl;Oh Yes, HCJ is most welcome to the party!


    U; so you know where I am coming from Brother!

    Leah; Such a wonderful package!


    Jimmy; You and me will sing Boston Rose together yet pal. It will be the highlight of my career!

    hope; soon!


    Pon; Well I will just have ta feckin' do it now won't I?