Thursday, 15 October 2009

A Star Is Bought.

So, we went to the local, as is our wont on a Thursday evening.
And got 5 gigs from the manager.
And while we was there,
I gets a phone call from another venue.
And we gets another 4 gigs from them.
All in all, a good night out.
And this is all while we was havin' a night out.
And having Guinness, by the pint mind you.
And without advertising even.
My fame doth preceed me.
And me modest into the bargain.
What the fuck, they know talent when they see it!
Did I say modest too?
Of course I did!

If I don't push me, who the hell is gonna?

What a star!

I had such joy singing this song today!


  1. Wow, good for you!

    Your star precedes you so much that I'm a fan and I've never even heard you guys. So while I'm at it, can we? Hear you I mean?

  2. Pretty much the same way Led Zep was being treated when they still had that fancy plane with the Swan Song logo on the tail

  3. When you've got it, flaunt it!

    Loves me some Nat - ta very much for that.

    P.S. My word verification is chuff. Very apropos, yes? :)

  4. just dedicate a song to savannah, sugar, if y'all please! ;~D xoxox

  5. You rock,Map! Way to go!!!

    Now, you really need to post a video of you guys! Please... pretty please?!?!?!?


  6. I'm with Ponita, If you aint modest then you shouldn't have any trouble posting of video of YOU and yer band. Yes? Come on. Do it already.

  7. Congratulations my brother!

    They obviously know talent. I would love one day to come there and hear your band. Afterwards, we'll raise a few of course.

    Savannah, thank you for pointing out the problem with my blog. I've corrected it. What would I do without those who look out for me? Here's a song I dedicate to you by Nat Cole


  8. Why the surprise? Everyone knows you're bloody great. I'll expect a call to refurbish a castle somewhere in Scotland when the first album goes platinum.

  9. Did I not tell you that the bar was better than the gym---plenty of exercise in 9 gigs---Great news mate---the talent just floats to the top---may it keep on rollin along
    Oh, and remember when you get there, Jimmy and I want a Corr each

  10. Word of mouth is ALWAYS the best advertising.

    Although I wouldn't mind SEEING/HEARING you myself. ;p

  11. For the love of god, am I drinking here alone while you're away out and coming home with the milk?

  12. Leah; I'm in the process of buying a proper recording desk, so, one day soon. I promise.


    UB; I fear I'm way too young to remember such bands. :¬)

    Eleanor; This is the kind of music we were treated to as kids, and as I get older my voice seems to lend itself to the songs of my childhood.


    Sav; You were in my thoughts as I sang tonight sweetheart.


    Pon; soon my precious!


    IB; I will, but it has to be to my very exacting standards, but soon. :¬)

    U; I'm not so much talented, more just in love with what I do for a living. And very grateful. Thank you brother. :¬)

    Jimmy; It would be an honour to have a man such as yersel put a hand to one of my first castles!

    Clyde; It's Sharon for you if I remember? :¬)

    debra; it's a keeper!


    hope; you see now I think I may be building meself up too much! Soon!


    Jimmy; raising one to you now pal, slainte!

  13. Oh, if only I could have been there! I bet it was grand. Someday I will be I promise. Can I have a crush on you? Can my husband have a crush on you? Only, remember, I was one of the ones that loved you before you were rich, known world wide and gracing the cover of Rolling Stone and the like. I'll raise a shandy to you, because I'm a light weight and you don't want to have to carry me home.
    LOV Ya!

  14. Great to hear about the success. Entirely deserved. When are you going to play in Derby and London so that I can see you? Your world tour could be huge if you went round all us bloggers.

  15. The cosmos aligned, and included beer. Keep it up, it's working.

  16. Bev; well holy god but is it yourself? Great to have you back! Crush away, as for the hubby... ah feckit all are welcome! :¬)


    Madame DF; would you believe I've been to many places but I have yet to set foot on English soil! Never been to Wales either, and this must one day be remedied! I have been to the land of Jimmy many many times to show off my skills on the bagpipes at the World Pipe Band Championships! Must go back there soon too.

    That world blogger tour sounds cool!


    Auntie; I gave it up for a number of years when I noticed the belly was in the pub a good few seconds before the rest of me! But I came to my senses last christmas and the black stuff and meself have again become lovers!


    @eloh; who would've thought? Beer and music! It's certainly working for me!