Friday, 23 October 2009

Sorry, really sorry!

So, I made the first move, rang him, stated my case as it was, took my stand.
I was very nice, but business like.
He was so apologetic, it was almost sad.
He backed down, but I let him off the hook, let him save face.
End story, the ball is now firmly in my court!
I like!
So, sometimes the small guy does win!


  1. Best deal--everyone wins
    Brilliant Stew
    Now he will think more of you

  2. Win-Win is always a good deal bro.

    Glad to hear it.


  3. sweeeeeeeeeet! well done, sugar! xoxoxo

  4. Stew-pendous!!!! That's great news, Map. Glad to hear it's all a thing of the past now and things can move forward.

    You're no small man, Map... you are a very big man to do this in a civilized manner that allowed him to save face. xoxoxo

  5. PS - I love that song! Loved the Eurythmics in the 80s. I once had my hair cut very similar to Annie Lennox's, just not quite so short. :-)

  6. Well done, let's hear it for the Map. And sorry that I haven't commented recently, bit busy on the old exam front. Who'd have a real life? Hope all is well with you these days other than taking a stand against a would be big man.

  7. So... it was a quick wan to to the heid, followed by a hard wan to the ribs. Never ever fails does that particular negotiating technique.

    If the polis come around, you was with me.. all neet.

  8. Nice one Map - I'm very pleased for you.
    And of course you were with Jimmy.......I should know, cos I remember pouring the Drambuie after dinner for ya both......hehehe

  9. I love a good détente story.

    Annie Lennox's MEDUSA is a masterpiece.

  10. I was always told it takes a big man to walk away from a fight...and you accomplished your mission with grace AND without rubbing his face in it.

    I bow to your sense of control while keeping the upper hand. And your musical choice was brilliant! :)

  11. Most business people are quite used to negotiating. They'll push for their own best outcome straight away, because sometimes they get it. However, if they weren't prepared for people to come back and say no, and so begin negotiating, they wouldn't be in business for long. You never need to feel intimidated about getting a better deal.

    You did good to stand up for yourself :)

  12. Glad its all sorted Map. The power of subtle persuasion is a powerful tool indeed. You must be a man of good words.

  13. Clyde; I'd like to think so too pal.

    U; Too true bro.

    Sav; It was kinda nice!


    Pon; My dad was a true gentleman, I like to think I inherited some of his traits!

    (You'll have to show us some pics of you wiyh the Annie hair-do!)


    MadameDF; All is just fine here my friend. Keep concentrating on those exams!


    Jimmy; And what a good neet it was pal, we'll have to do it again soon! :¬)

    Jayne; And a rather heavy hand with the bottle ye have too! Me heid of the mornin'!


    UB; The wee scottish lass is a firm favourite of our clan, and MEDUSA is indeed a classic!

    hope; Thanks love, I suppose I'm at that stage in life where I just can't and don't take shit from people anymore. A good stage I think! (Hey as long as it's a STAGE then I'm happy!)


    Kim; Thanks pal, and welcome back. Hope you enjoyed the birthday celebrations. :¬)

    GF; I can be nice when I want to! :¬)

  14. Darling, You are a very big man indeed! In every important way. And perhaps in some other ways we can only imagine. For that I shall just assume it is true.
    Walk tall my friend!