Thursday, 29 October 2009

Our Town

It's been getting a lot of bad talk lately.
This little town of mine.
But it's home to me.
And all the other good folk here.
And we love it.
But the drug selling cunts are trying to take over.
Like so many towns all over the world.
And we don't fucking like it!

So FUCK YOU miserable shits who are bringing the place down!
This is our town.
This is my town!
This is where our kids live.
And they can do just fine without you bastards!
So Why don't you cunts just fuck off!
'Cos we're all just fuckin' sick to the teeth with ya!
Take yer drugs and guns and just FUCK OFF!



  1. Brother Map,

    It would be so nice if the scourge of our society, the merchants of death and (as you say so eloquently) "drug selling cunts" would get on a shuttle headed towards the moon. It wouldn't have to land, just leave here!

    Lets do what we can to make our towns safe for our children, our wives, our sisters, our families and friends.


  2. Strongly worded, heartfelt. Say no more than that pal. All we can do is protect the family around us, and perhaps be ready to snip the fingers off of those who ply their evil trade on our doorsteps.

  3. It's tempting to take matters into your own hands, isn't it? When your kids are threatened, you'll do anything to protect them. *I* will.

  4. I know how you feel, Map. My fair city has the dubious title of murder capital of Canada. Not that we have the most, but certainly the highest per capita... drugs and gangs have moved in almost everywhere.

    It's a cancer we somehow need to eradicate...


  5. Stew it is the whole world wide---it is so sad. But I remember getting into the pub at 16---I remember a night in the sailing club carpark with a carton of beer and a bottle of scotch won on the pool table---or do I remember.
    Are kids going for the fast fix----is it cheaper getting high than it is getting pissed.
    Can you pull that cutie with one tablet instead of 10 cherry brandies
    Oh my god, the shit they swallow
    At least we knew about a hangover
    How dangerous are these chemicals.
    I am not a violent man but dealers need a good bashing

  6. Yeah man! Sometimes ya gotta get down and dirty to protect what ya love.

    ROCK ON!

  7. ... but with this, you have every right.

  8. Hey, when it comes to this, I think communal anger is the only way to get rid of these lowlifes.

    You're not alone, my friend.