Saturday, 6 October 2012

Wee Man

If I had a son
His name would be Iain
And his hair would be curly
And he would be a gangly teen
Who would grow
To become a strong man
And he would be gentle
Like his grandfathers before him
He would cycle a bike
And kick a ball
And hug his Grannies
And he would love his Ma
And Protect his sisters
And take his auldfella for a pint
Of a Sunday


  1. Tall and likes a pint?

    I'll see what I can do, just leave me a wee list of the times when you are out of a night and I'll nip round and lean mah oul pushbike up against your coalshed for a few hours.

    Leave out Sunday's, the last time I put in a few extra hours on the Sabbath I had to stop blogging for a year!

  2. I always wanted a brother like that...


  3. It's only natural at my age for certain equipment not to be as good as it once was. Like fruit, we all soften with age, wither then finally droop. Such is life.

  4. I feel yer pain pal, the only parts of my body to get stiff these days are me knees. Never thought I'd welcome arthritis!

  5. After very nearly failing to perform in bed last night, Map's dear wife said she'd pop to the Internet Cafe and research erectile dysfunction.

    If he went wither.

  6. And what if you had a son and he turned out to be the opposite, you'd still love him I reckon.

  7. Want me to go and see if there are any more jars of "Peace of Mind"? ;)

  8. Be patient. I see grandsons on the horizon.

  9. My eldest's name is Ian
    his hair is straight
    his eye's blue/green like his old man's
    the docs say he'll top 6'5
    he loves his Ma
    he has an innate sense of justice and is honest to a fault
    he adores his little brother when not fighting with him
    and for his old man's birthday
    he bought him Guinness
    cuz in his words
    "my daddy likes it."