Thursday, 25 October 2012

Just Sittin'

I spent way too much time just sitting in the driver seat today. Not driving, just waiting. I seem to be getting the hang of this patience thing, must be my age!

I sat for over 90 minutes outside the doctor's surgery while one of my daughters waited patiently inside until 12:30 for her 11:00 appointment. In fairness, both of the usual doctors were missing and a poor locum was trying to cope on her own.

Later this evening I waited in the car-park of the local maternity hospital for another one of my daughters who was supposed to finish her shift at 20:45 but didn't get out 'til almost an hour later. Then again, babies aren't known for their punctual arrivals!
Said daughter is on  placement in this hospital for the past week (she's usually in general hospitals). Today she was on the labour ward. First thing she said getting into the car? "I'm never having kids! Adoption is the way for me!"

In between I made a huge batch of my famous tomato sauce, which should last the week, and enough for friends too. Also made a lovely chicken dinner, complete with Bubble & Squeek, (from yesterdays leftover cabbage and spuds.) So all is well. 



  1. I love these slice-o'-life posts.

    I took the family to Disney World in Orlando. During the flight, the stewardess told me the Orlando routes are always jammed with screaming kids and the best birth control device ever invented!

  2. When Dad was diagnosed with cancer, I learned the art of "waiting". Patiently took some time, but I got the hang of it. Once I started taking in my surroundings, my goal was to make someone smile. Or just listen to those who didn't have a "support person" with them as they waited.

    Dad and I had the sense of humor...we giggled so much on one doctor visit that one nurse accused the other of giving Dad the wrong meds..and slipping some to me.

    You're a good Dad, my friend and your daughters are lucky to have you. That you cook is a bonus! Heaven help the guys who try to marry them, cause they have quite the image to live up to. ;)

  3. I spend my life in the car picking up and dropping off my daughters and waiting, and waiting and waiting. And I have NO patience at all!

  4. Would crosswords help?
    I appreciate a certain amount of time just sitting and thinking.