Sunday, 14 October 2012

That's Entertainment

Again I sit awake at an unholy hour, perfect you may say, for such an unholy soul.
It's all the years spent on shiftwork, coupled with being a Rock-God that gives my body the sleeping patterns of a vampire. That and an over-active mind.

It was a busy weekend, I estimate that at least 250 songs were voiced by the Map in the last three days! I'm keeping my cakehole shut for the day tomorrow. Friday was a wedding with the band in Bunratty, great night. A drinking pal of mine was in attendance with his good lady wife. He has never seen me perform before. I think he was mildly shocked by the on-stage Map compared to the quiet bar-fly he's used to. "You're quite a different man up there"

Saturday night I was entertaining the guests at my grand-nephew's Christening. This was a solo gig, and most of my family, including the Ma  and most of my brothers were in my audience. The problem with having so many brothers is that they keep sending drinks up to the stage. I was having such a good time I forgot the hour, and was singing for five hours! And Ma was one of the last to leave, at almost 3am!

Sunday night was another solo gig in a rugby club. A surprise 50th birthday party for the FIL of one of my nieces. A bit more quiet than the previous two nights but it suited me, as I was on Adam's wine!

Sometimes it's hard to believe that folk pay me good money to do what I do.

Have a good week my friends.


  1. fantastic, bubba! ;~) xoxoxoxo

  2. Ha ha, I sleep about 4 hours a night too. Goes with the job right?

    I wish I could drink at my gigs but I can't! I have to take all my gear down and drive home! I allow myself one beer at the very start of a gig. Boring I know!

  3. A police car and a screaming siren.
    A pneumatic drill and ripped up concrete.
    A baby wailing and stray dog howling.
    The screech of brakes and lamp light blinking.
    That's Entertainment.

    Now I've got that in my head all morning. Thanks!

  4. Well I'm glad one of us doesn't have a boringly normal job. ;)

    The cool part is that you don't brag about share the fun. Thank you!

  5. Bunratty was it? Ahh for the love of god, the property prices have just risen by a couple of euro over the weekend. I hope you left it tidy before you left.

  6. sav; Shur 'tis grand like! :¬)


  7. Joey, when I'm gigging with the full band we take turns driving the van, so we get to have a few beers on three out of four gigs, though we DO have to remain professional at ALL times! :¬)

  8. hope; I love what I do. I'm a lucky guy. Now if we could only persuade MORE people to have lavish weddings! :¬)


  9. Chef; One of my favourite venues is the Bunratty Castle Hotel, the waitresses have quite a grá for the wee singin' fella!

    Don't forget, if you ever need a sitting tenant.... :¬)

  10. UB; Missed ya there!

    Can't beat a bit of Jam in the morning! :¬)

  11. Pssst... our friend the whisperer has been at the tricks again so I hear. The question I have to ask is this. If I am really you and you are really me, who lent us the lawn mower on Friday and who will give it back to us?

    More chocolate perhaps?

  12. Chef; Aye, the lawnmower, I believe the owner received some chocolate from a visitor recently.

    And that hundred quid you lent me, or was that the other way around??

  13. Do you think the visitor underestimates just how long our arms are?

    Bournville, nope, Cadburys, nope, Belgian... hmmmm

  14. Chef; Some might say you were dapht, not me.

  15. hahahahahahaha I like it.... oh very witty, 10/10 pal. I cannae come cack fae that one.

  16. I'm knowing for once of what you speak. I think you are right to just rise above such nonsense.

  17. Pat, exactly.

    The irony here is that the source of the poison does not realise that another persons ears that has been whispered into for quite a while now, also speaks to me on a daily basis!

    Based on that, who is the real fool?

    Time for lunch I think.