Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Caught In A Moment

Another great shot from my favourite photographer Dermot Culhane.

Not only a great photographer, but one of the most down-to-earth people I have the pleasure to know.

I was visiting the Ma last Saturday and she was telling me she had woken up with an old neighbour, Pauline, on her mind. Pauline had passed away two weeks previously. Ma said that Pauline had come to her in the dream and looked very cold (she was a very thin woman) so she gave her a brandy to warm her.

That evening at my wedding I got chatting to Dermot. He told me he had taken some great shots of me singing to his Aunt at the last wedding we were both working. She passed away two weeks ago, his Auntie Pauline.

Small world.

Have a look at his site if you have some time to spare.


  1. Vivid dream from your ma.
    What a good looking buch on crooners, when is the U.S. tour?
    I can book yer gigs and run security for a mere 15%
    bring the big man for extra security and to keep the screaming yank lassies off ye.

  2. Nice shot!

    Did check the site and the photos...my favorites seem to fall into the categories of "magical" and "Humor". I only wish the wording wasn't so hard to read on the work computer.

  3. I like his work, some of it's a bit more unusual than the normal portrait shots too.

  4. I love stories like that for their other-worldliness.

  5. My Gran was Irish and she and my mother were frequently having nocturnal visitors and seem to have passed it down to me.

  6. Just catching up here big man, my thanks for your words and thoughts fae all of us at this end.