Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Today for breakfast.... HAHAHAHA!!

I don't eat breakfast. It's coffee & a fag for me, though I haven't had a fag in over eight years now. So it's just the coffee. Three spoons of Tesco's Finest in me big Hoops mug. (Ta Pal!) Keeps me going for at least an hour.

I knew before I even started the van that the clutch was gannna be fucked. The heavens were pouring down which didn't make the day any better! Today was ganna be busy.

I managed to get the van moving, and with the help of my drummer, got it to our mechanic and get back home in time to get my gear into Herself's car.

Oh, I haven't told ya yet, today I was doing my first 'seniors' lunch 'singalongwithmap'! And the van fucked up!

As it was on in the centre where Herself works, she came home and helped me pack the gear into the car. And I'm glad she did.

I was on after the bingo (Such a Star!). Approx 60 senior ladies & one gent.
I'm not one to boast, but I sent a lot of ladies home happy!  :¬)

I myself am still on a high from the love I got back from the girls. They sang along with all the oldies, and danced like young'uns to the lively tunes.

A good time was had by all.


  1. I hope that I have such entertainment to look forward to in my old age... but knowing my luck it'll just be re-runs of Countdown and Cash in the Attic.

  2. Well done about the fags. You must protect your lovely voice.
    What a great misssus you have.

  3. It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.
    Bon Scott (R.I.P.)

    I bet that 1 gent goes to bed with a smile every night!
    Cheers, Sausage...


  4. You have to admire this working class guy who has his feet planted firmly on the ground. Somebody called Map 'pretentious' the other day.

    He nearly choked on his chocolate laced Brazilian-beaned iced latte covered in M&M's, crispy sprinkles, raisins and whipped French cream with honey wafers.

  5. Ah, they give up Bingo for no one. :) But it ensures a crowd.

    Sorry you had car trouble but glad you brought joy to those I call my "old kids". Too bad you're so far away....I cook lunch for my group on Tuesdays and we always feed our guest.

    Did you take requests? I'm curious as to what was most requested. I know. I'm always curious. But respectful. ;)

  6. Bless me so, I remember you as if it was only yesterday. Are you not the little singing fella that hosted the Friday night bingo down at the senior citizen home in Limerick? The one where the polis were called when the raffle money went astray?

    For the love of God, I can remember seeing you back in the days when you still had hair. Bright ginger and curly with it so, I recall. A terrible flirt so you was. Didn't you used to do a double act with a wee poodle that did back flips? Oh how we loved that wee poochie, so much talent, he carried the act.

    What does stick in my mind is how you cheated at bingo and it was always your relatives that won the eyes down for a full house game.

    A right cheeky wee bastid so. I heard you had upped and ran away to Dublin to drive a tram. Broke your ma's heart with all the canoodling in the picture house so you did. A terrible shame you brought upon yourself with the carrying on and all. Do you still hang aboot with that tall fella who was always up to nae good? Another bastid if ever I saw one. Nae good will ever come of the pair of yis. You mark my words!

  7. Yep fags and singing don't go well together. Glad the ladies went home happy. :)