Friday, 26 October 2012


Last night I dreamed I punched a man to death
He taunt me so
I, the most non-violent person I know
Yet, with each and every breath
With each and every roar and scream
And heavy hand I lay
Upon his head, to my dismay
It was my perfect dream.


  1. Nice...though I'm not sure you should show it to your bedmate, she might prefer to sleep well away and outside your reach

  2. And did YOU eat before going to sleep last night?

    Just read 2 articles related to that: one was about things not to eat/drink, the other was how our mind works out problems while we sleep. If I'd had that dream, I'd chalk it up to these stupid politicians who won't shut up!

    Wishing you sweeter dreams, my friend.

  3. Every man is non-violent until they're shoved hard enough.

  4. Better to get rid of violence in one's dreams. As long as Mrs Map wasn't dsturbed.