Monday, 8 October 2012

Can I see some I.D.?

The trousers do be getting tight again. And though herself has been taking me on her nightly walks I think it's time I started doin' some real exercise again.
I've been researching local gyms on the web. The one I currently attend pay membership to is getting a bit old and tired, like meself.
I found a couple of good ones in local hotels, but the price of membership is a bit steep.
Then herself pointed out the special offer for the Over 50's!
I'd forgotten that!
I'd forgotten I was Over 50!
But that's good yeah?
And it saves me money.
I'm offf to research 'Golden Oldie' holidays!


  1. Ahh Máirtín, for me, running is the key. I've done it for years (and no, never from the polis) and it keeps me fitter than a butchers dog. I could never see the point of being enclosed in a gym when I have so much natural beauty around me to take in.

    I have a few years yet before I ripen to the age of 50, but I prepare for it by early morning jaunts around the low roads followed by a brisk 30 minute swim.

    It's free, and should appeal to your short arms deep pockets philosophy.

    Alternatively, I'll leave the lawnmower (yes the new one) out for yis, twice around the field should see the fatness of your wee self away within a week.

  2. Exercising is so dull. It's time consuming and painful, to boot. But what's the alternative?

    At long last...the thing you've been waiting for all these years...a senior citizen's discount.

    If you take Chef's advice and begin morning jaunts, get yourself a pair of proper running shoes. That's my tip.

  3. Map, the wifey once suggested that I give up my penchant for the hop and barley as she claimed it was directy to blame for the expanding waistline of the once fit man. Instead of giving up the glorious pints I joined a gym(I will put up a repost of my gym story today)
    and ran on a treadmill like a caged animal...hated it. like the chef, I would rather walk the beach or a park or anywhere outside.
    I still go to the gym to appease the wifey but I take the long road home which just so happens to pass Finnegan's Pub....shh.
    Cheers, Sausage.

  4. Chef; I do the getting out in nature thing on a regular basis too, though the image I have of you running brings to mind a certain Rab! All I can see is the string vest and the headband to keep yer comb-over from flappin' in the breeze! I've lost two kilograms already from the chucklin'! :¬)

    UB; I quite like exercising, once I'm plugged into me music, though stuff like treadmills I avoid like the plague, boring as hell. I use the gym for strength training and swimming. Unlike some of my pals, I don't have a pool. :/

    Sausage; Same here, It's all about balance yeah? :¬)

  5. I live in a community of runners so therefore i don't run, might have to talk to someone then and that'd be horrible, besides all the years of playing hoops have left the back and knees a bit shoddy, i used the gym at work but i'm unemployed end of the week so i bought one those bicyles, the Tour de Lance edition and i love the damn thing, watch the footie and peddle away and sweat like a pig, might hurt doing it but feels good when i'm done and keeps me from wheezing when i'm chasing me boyos.

  6. Chef is right about Gyms - smelly places, but don't,whatever you do end up like your illustration.

  7. I wouldn't give to much credence to my wee pals enthusiasm for keeping fit at the gym. I remember the last time he joined one, when I asked him what was his favourite equipment was, he replied, "the vending machine".

  8. I wish you all the best...but I wouldn't go near a gym if you paid me. Maybe it's a girl thing.

    Even though I hate this "temporary" office thing, the up side is I've lost 15 pounds...which probably doesn't sound impressive since I didn't have time to do the math for you. :) Everything here is in the wrong place and I'm constantly walking. I still need to um.."walk" however.

    And if you ever even attempt to copy that illustration, I will mail you cake every week! ;)

  9. Good luck with this, I too need to start pumping weights again.