Thursday, 30 July 2009

She's Up!

Yeah, the Ma is up and about.
Well not so much 'about', but She IS up.
And when I say up, I mean down.
Downstairs that is, out of the bed.
And back in the land of daytime t.v.
Which is how She views the world most days.
And when I say up, I mean I actually got a laugh from Her today.
Even though that very same up is, shall we say, chemically enhanced!
(Thank you Doc!)
But fuckit She's up.
So up is She, that She thinks She might 'have a little DO' to celebrate her upcoming birthday next week!
She shall go to the ball!
Well maybe not an actual ball.
But A 'Do' will be 'Done'.
And fun will be had by all!



  1. Ah, it is grand to hear that Ma is ready to party
    May there be many more

  2. Excellent! Better living thru chemistry is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. xoxo

  3. Ahhhh the power of pills and prayer. It's good to see you both up again.

  4. Yes, a chemically enhanced laugh is still a laugh. I'm glad to hear it!

  5. Yeah! I knew she could do it. :)

    But I'm pretty sure the loving son had as much to do with it as what the doctor ordered. So, are you in charge of the party plans?

  6. Clyde; aye, I'll drink to that.

    Pon; the right pills at the right time!

    Jimmy; ta pal.

    Leah; thanks Leah. xxx

    hope; Yeah, She did it, and She has 6 loving sons! But all the credit goes to my young Sis Serena, who lives with Ma and takes great care of Her.
    (And Serena is a VERY patient girl!)

    She is also planning the 'do'!

    Kim; it is sir, thanks.

  7. i'm glad y'all came over today, sugar! xoxoxo

  8. Hurrah! She may not go to the ball but, by the sound of things, she will have one. Serena is a very appropriate name for your little sis, it was my little sis who looked after my mum, her name is Angela and she definitely struck me as angelic most of the time.

  9. Sav; So am I Darlin'! You are most thoughtful.

    Eryl; Hopefully we will all have a good night at Her birthday bash, all the clan together for a celebration.

    Serena is a great name isn't it? Tho' it usually gets shortened to Rena by the family.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. Really good news Map. Hope the weekend and the birthday do go well.

  11. Ahhh, daytime television. The strongest sedative known to man!

  12. Madame DF; I'm sure it will!
    Have a great fortnight in the land of Bjiork!
    (I just KNOW you have my pressie picked out already!)

    GF; It sure does keep the Ma happy!