Sunday, 2 August 2009

Quiet Again (for a little while)

Got up late today.
To an empty house.
They've all gone to the Clare coast to celebrate a christening.
And I thought it would be relaxing to be home alone.
But it's not.
It's too quiet.
Yeah, this house needs people!
And so do I.


  1. we never really appreciate what we have until it's gone, sugarpie! ;~D they'll be home soon! xoxoxox

  2. Wow, haven't heard that one in a while...thanks!

    Ah yes, "Silence is Golden" until the clock starts ticking too loud. :) Enjoy it while you can, though. Everyone needs a little quiet "Me" time.

    Have a great week!

  3. I have many happy memories of my time spent in Clare. I'd quite happily swap places right now.

  4. Ah yes, I always long for the solitude and then often feel at loose ends when it comes. Right now I'm trying to work with a bustle around me--perhaps that's easier.

  5. Brother Map!

    I haven't heard this song in years! I'm sure when they all return there will be sounds of joy and excitement. You'll get the 411 on all the details.

    Don't forget to let them know how much each was missed.


  6. A quiet house... something I live with everyday... until the cats start wrestling and ripping up and down the stairs. ;-)

    Some human company would be nice, though. I miss that.

    Give them all big hugs, Map.

    And congrats on the award from Hope... I love your blog too! And you as well. :-D xoxo

  7. Sav; I learn that lesson more and more every day friend! xoxox

    hope; I enjoy quiet. But a little is a lot for me. I like being a nobody in a big crowd as much as I like being the ONE in front of a big crowd!

    Jimmy; oh man, there's no place like the coast of Clare on a fine day. Even on a bad weather day the place can lift a heart! And I can be there in an hour! Yes, I know, I am blessed!

    Leah: bustle can be a distraction or a gift!

    U: Oh there was many a sound of excitement when my girls came home! And yes, I got the 411!
    And they all got hugs, but not before the Map was given same!
    I am a lucky and gifted man!

    Pon; I have to surmise that all men of Canadia are truly blind, dumb fucks, or gay!
    And I have no aversion against the visualy impaired, mentally retarded, or same sex loving folk. (That actually describes one of my best friends!)
    Anyway, my point being, the men of Canadia just don't know what they're missing!


  8. Pon; 'aversion to' and 'nothing against'

  9. Solitute is wonderful---til that's all you have