Saturday, 29 August 2009


You just know it's going to be a great wedding when this is the song the bride and groom request for their first dance!

And it was!

I still sometimes can't believe I get paid for doing this!

Have a happy Sunday.


  1. Very cool, indeed!

    You've still gotta put you and your band up on youtube so we can see you guys perform, Map... Or just post it here. Now that would be cool. :-D

  2. Well, you could do it for nothing---ha
    A great job mate
    I'm guessing that the first dance wasn't a bridal waltz

    Hey, I'll join in with Ponita---a wee post of Map and the boys in action

  3. Brother Map,

    What could be better than dancing with your bride in the moonlight? The two of you infinitely dancing through life and love.


  4. And my vote makes three. Gee, how many times do we need to request to see YOU and your band on YouTube? You tease us with all these great songs [good marriage that one will be with that choice!] and we know you're singing them.

    What do we need to do? Pass around the hat and take up a collection? ;) I'd get on my knees and beg but I'm so short, that would render me virtually invisible, thus defeating our pleas.

    Have a wonderful week.

  5. Holy Christ... tis the dancing that's made my feet ache these last few weeks my friend.

    See you at the Celtic, but make it towards the back end of the season to ensure that I can make it for sure pal.

  6. Glad you're enjoying yourself. Like others, I'm keen to see your band perform. Pity I'm married already, otherwise I could book you myself.

  7. i'm going to add this to my me & my big heart list, sugar! hear map sing! xoxox

  8. Pon; what can I say?
    OK, I can say this; I am a very 'in the moment' performer. I hate videos of myself! I want people to see me, but you have to be there, at that moment, in the moment, part of it. Live is where I am at. I just don't like seeing or even hearing myself. I just love performing, and being part of the event? It's hard to explain.
    But I am trying to overcome this, and I will work on something to 'put out there'.


    Brother U; I think you are one of those old fashioned romantics, just like me!

    hope; I have no objection to a hat being passed around! As above, I am working on something. Soon, soon. ;¬)


    Jimmy; lookin' forward to the day pal!

    Madame DF; An anniversary celebration perhaps?


    Sav; y'all just KNOW I'm just lookin' for more encouragement!


    Clyde; Hey pal, I did do it for free in the early days, just for the kicks! And if I won the lottery tomorrow I would still have to do it, just for the kicks, and it keeps me sane!

  9. What a great selection for their wedding day. And you are blessed to be so musically inclined.

  10. awwwwwwww!
    i hope they're very happy together - sounds like they're a fun couple.

    i hope their dance involved some finger-clicking! who the hell could resist some finger-clicking to that song?

  11. Now we just have to figure out how I can get over there to take some cool photos of the band :)

  12. Auntie; thanks.


    the proj; they are a nice couple.
    And I'm a hoor for the finger-clickin'!


    Kim; and I know you could do wonders in the editing room!
    (There would have to be a lot of airbrushing! The photo on the sidebar is quite a few years old!)