Sunday, 23 August 2009

Drink & Drugs

Croagh Patrick. Co. Mayo


For the kids today, which, do you think is the bigger problem. Alcohol or Drugs?
And which do you think is the bigger addiction.
And which do you think is the worse addiction.
And do you think, as I do, that one can drink without ever becoming addicted?
And do you think, as I do, that one can never take drugs without becoming addicted?
I am very interested in your opinion.

I will be away for the next few days. For I will be off to climb a few mountains.
In more ways than one.

I expect you all to behave while I am away!

Here is my first mountain. (Top of page picture.) It's known as the Holy Mountain.


We're back, and two of us made it to the summit!
There were many people on the mountain and the weather was good.
But the going was tough.
And it was, literally, a constant uphill struggle!
On more than one occassion I was willing to turn back and call it a day.
But Helena, 'the Youngest', would say each time, "I'll keep going if you do"!
How could I NOT go on!
Just 11 years old, the wax still warm on her birthday candles, and full of dogged determination!
There's a lot to be learned on a mountain.
More to come.

And thank you for your views on my question.
More to come on that too.


  1. One CAN drink without becoming addicted, but I firmly believe it is very dependent on quantity and frequency... speaks the daughter of alcoholic parents, who has an alcoholic sister, and was once married to an alcoholic husband.

    As far as drugs go... that I have very little experience with and so do not feel qualified to give an opinion.

    Hope you are doing well and that your mountain is not too much of a challenge, Map. I have no idea what that mountain in the picture is, though... xoxo

  2. Pon; Just had to have a peek before I leave the house.

    (Forgot to put the name of the mountain up. Fixed now.)

    see ya soon.


  3. I think you can become addicted to many things, it's the resultant harm to yourself and others that seems more of a problem. I'm sure that there's a medical definition of addiction, but if you can manage the harm, how much of a problem does it become?

    Enjoy the mountain.

  4. If I could give up the drink I would do so tomorrow. I am not drinking tonight, which I regard as an absolute triumph. For many years, I supported a moderate barb. habit, which was grimsville. I am one of the great smokers of my generation. I can't really be trusted around anything, to be honest. I am a casualty, yes, but a high-functioning one.

  5. Enjoy your mountain climbing. And should you find a little man on the top, don't ask him for the secret of life...I suspect he's kin to the Leprechauns. :)

    I don't drink or smoke, never have. Not to be holier-than-anyone, just wasn't interested. Guess someone has to be the designated driver. ;) I think you can become addicted to any number of things, from those mentioned to blogs and chocolate. I think kind, considerate people know their limitations and don't inflict the vice of their choice on others.

    Do report back...climb carefully. :)

  6. Brother Map,

    Have a great time climbing those mountains!

    I believe that abuse is what defines addiction. Abusing alcohol or drugs always leads to addictive behavior, deceiving a person into thinking they are coping.

    I honestly think that abuse occurs when we don't understand the purpose of something; the tendency will be toward abuse.


  7. Fascinating question. I think one can drink without becoming addicted, and I think one can do drugs without becoming addicted. Some drugs are more addictive than others, but even the hardcore drugs (heroin, coke etc), where the common wisdom is that one try and you're hooked--even those are not an instant hook. It's all degrees. I'm a believer in recreational everything under the sun.

    But that's just me, and I'm sure I'll feel differently when my little girl is an adolescent.

    In general I think alcohol is the greater worry, where young ones are concerned.

  8. Plenty of mountains to climb in life.
    Hey, we spent plenty of years ith booze without drugs being around---
    But I think it was those abusing one, went for the other.
    Used to be the rule of teaching them to drink at home---now it is saying no to everythying.
    So I reckon you create a fuss about the drinking and that's where they will rebell to.
    Say nothing about the drugs til you have to confront them directly

  9. All; Thank you for your views, there is a lot to mull-over. And I suppose there always will be as far as substance abuse and addictions are concerned.

    I still worry for the kids today, who I feel have so many substances 'on tap' whenever they want.


  10. congratulations, sugar! xoxox

    re your question: having been an abuser of all things organic and/or alcoholic at varying times in my life, i have come to the realization that moderation in all things, including moderation, is the key...for me anyway... xoxox

    p.s. just read the explanation of your handle! most inventive, sir!

  11. The difference between alcohol and other drugs is arbitrary. It's just down to where the legal line is drawn. Smoking and drinking alcohol can be more harmful than some non-legal drugs.

    However, there is an awful lot of mis-information about various illegal drugs that muddies the waters - both from the pro and the anti lobbies.

    Cannabis isn't half as harmless as the pros would have you believe, and heroin, if clean, isn't half as dangerous as the antis would have you believe.

    However, because both are illegal, misinformation abounds.

    Personal experience when I was younger leads me to now avoid all illegal drugs and most legal ones. As for alcohol - I'll have the occasional glass of wine or beer, but always stop at one.

    I do fear for my children though.

  12. Sav; thanks hon. Another box ticked on my list!


    Kim; I give the girls as much info as I can, but I still think it is a mive field. And like you, I fear for them.

  13. (Psst..savannah. I missed the story of his handle...could you point a fellow southerner in the right direction? Thanks.}

    Sounds like you had just the right motivation. You're such a "hands on" Dad that I'm sure your kids would feel free to come to you with anything...or any question. I see you as "open mind and open arms". :)

  14. Kim; Does that make me sound German?
    What's Mine field is your field! :¬)

    hope; just go to Kim (above) for the handle story. ('Maggie is 18' post)

    And the girls do ask meself and Herself about most things.

    We embarrass them most of the time though by telling them things "we don't need to hear from our parents, thank you very much!"

    When they have friends around is the best time!


  15. Too much of anything is a waste and wasting is least in theory.

    In the folly of my youth I did too much of nearly everything and lived to write about it..some of my friends did not.

    My cohorts, the Baby Boomers in Canada will legalise Marijuana once all of our parents die and finally get too senile to vote...
    which btw also means that the Conservatives will never ever ever form another majority government in Canada until the Sun implodes in 4 billion years :)

    You see I would rather have some grinning fool driving past my house at 3 in the morning going 5 miles an hour than some complete drunken asshat going 120!
    Case closed.

    As for drinking I defer to Captain Quint in Jaws, "Rum ain't drinkin''s survivin'"

  16. Donn; thanks for droppin' by, and for your comments.
    (I haven't had rum in a while, but now ye's have put it into my head!)
    Call back anytime.