Wednesday, 5 August 2009


It's Her birthday today!

Happy 84th Ma.

(you'll like this Pon!)


  1. Happy Birthday Ma from Australia
    I'll see you when I come to visit your little boy

  2. Happy birthday from Brooklyn NY!

  3. A wonderful Happy Birthday to your Ma, Map. Give her lots of hugs and kisses!

    Cute video! Kitten is almost too big for mama cat to carry. But to the rescue she came. :-)


  4. Happy Birthday, Missus! from Savannah in Georgia!

  5. Give your Ma our best for today Map, and maybe even top up her glass on a regular basis today reet?

  6. Happy Birthday Maps Ma - hope you havea a great day :)

  7. Happy Birthday Ma from South Carolina!

    Map, hug her gently. We're all sending so many hugs and kisses wishes you don't want to cut off her air supply. :)

  8. Very many happy returns to her, hope the ball is in full swing!

  9. Everybody; I gave all yer wishes and thoughts to Ma.
    NOW, trying to explain to Her who y'all were was a bit difficult!

    "Right, so they are friends of yours?"
    Yeah Ma!
    "And they are from ALL over the world?"
    Yeah Ma!
    "But you have never actually met any of them?"
    Yeah Ma!
    "Don't tell me that you actually told them that I am 84 today?"
    Ah, well, I might have done...
    "You mean to tell me that there are actual strangers, from all around the fuckin' world, who don't know me from Eve, and now know my effin' age?".
    Yeah Ma! Get FUCKIN' over it!
    "Get me a fuckin' large one NOW"!!
    What fun!
    "And what ever yer havin' yersel!!"

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  11. anyway......
    feel like ive entered into a private party.
    happy birthday Ma!! really hope you have a good one

    cheers for reading my blog and leaving comments, Mapstew. Much appreciated.

    and then......
    I wish my cat, Mental Bastard, would come and help me when stuck bleating on the floor. No such fuckin luck!!

  12. the bdb; no private party here, all welcome.


  13. map! sugar,i love yer ma! her reaction was priceless! re: callin her "Missus" besides knowing all y'all, my former son-in-law was irish! and from dublin, too! so, some of the patter stayed with me, esp. being called and calling people petal! xoxoxox

  14. Tell yer Ma that when my Grandmother reached the age of 65, she declared she'd have no more birthdays...she felt 65 was old and she wanted none of it. I suggested we merely added the numbers together, making her only 11. I've never seen her laugh so hard. Well, until 2 minutes later, when this system made ME the oldest person in the room.

    From that day forth, she loved birthdays, always saying to me first thing, "So, how old am I this year?" Half the family has adopted that system.

    So Ma, Happy 12th Birthday! ;)

  15. Sav; She is priceless, in more ways than one.
    She is getting back to Her old self again, loving the parties and always loving the attention! (Wonder where I get it from?)

    I am fond of using @missus' meself, as in 'howya missus' and 'y'allright there missus'!

    'Petal' must be a Dub thing. We tend to use 'luv' more down here.

    Hope yer havin' a good weekend, with lots of sleep!


    hope; that system would make me (48) the same age as Ma! Cute!

    And a lovely weekend to you too.


  16. After I posted, I came across this in one of my files. It's a "Birthday Calculator". Plug in your birthdate and you'll get more facts that you bargained for! :0

  17. Belated birthday wishes to your dear Ma - she sounds like my kind of elder! :) That spirit ought to keep her going for a good many years to come.

    Glad to hear that she's getting back to her old self again. It has been a tough time for all of your family, but it must have been especially hard for her. I can't imagine ...

    Hope you're having a grand weekend yourself, Sir!

  18. My best wishes.
    Enjoy the moment darling.
    ("best wishes indeed; who's he when he's at home"
    "Ah sure, he's mad Ma."
    "Well I don't know him, is he like decently mad or wha'?
    "Ah Ma, he's not the worst. He talks to himself a lot"

  19. hope; I tried thet, yeah, way too much than I wanted! Fun tho'!

    Eleanor; We are all havin' a good one. And thank you for your wishes and concerns! xxx

    Momo; you mad or wha? The Ma thinks yea is grand, so yes are! De blessins a jayus onya!