Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Rewritten. With apologies.

It's 3:02
It's Thursday morning
And I'm here with you

I'm sippin' beer
It keeps me mellow
And it adds some cheer

I've just come back
From a wedding
Yeah, we had some craic

We met some pals
It's been a while
And they were with their gals

And they was dancin' free
Just let your hair down
C'mon, dance with me

We reminisced
Talked of the old times
When we used to get pissed*

We sang and laughed
We drank some more
'How 'bout another draught'?

Lets stagger home
All hands around each other's
Shoulders home

But before we go
Lets raise a glass
To all those folks we know

Who can't be here
But if they could
They'd join us in our cheer

So, line 'em up Moe
Homer's gone
That's all ya need to know

And make it one for my baby
And one more for the road.

*drunk (I know 'pissed' means something else to y'all)


  1. Most excellent, Map!

    Pissed = drunk in Canada. I think pissed = angry in the US.

  2. @ponita...exactly, unless of course, y'all had a crash lesson in euro slang from an ex son-in-law...(and a few years overseas!) ;~D xoxo

  3. What did the fella say when he fell off the train.
    He said: "it's a hard auld station."

  4. I'll join you in a drink my friend. A drink to all those who no longer meet our eyes across the bar.


  5. Sav; 'Tis. xoxox

    Pon; and an angry yank?

    Momo; ;-)

    Jimmy; Slainte mhaith a chara!

  6. Excellent.

    And "pissed" only means drunk to me now, but that's only because I'm such a UK-o-phile.

  7. Leah; I remember, on my one and only trip to 'merica in the 80's, tellin' my host that I was pissed,(after many, MANY Bud's!). They were disdraught at the thought that someone in their household had upset me! (hic!)

  8. A good time was had by all then? I rarely go for big nights out any more, too tiring and too boring. Have a great weekend.

  9. I have a question...and no, it has nothing to do with definitions.

    What's the chance we might see you load YOURSELF singing for us to enjoy? With the worldwide recession, I can't afford to come see you in person just now. :)